Hashtags have truly changed and evolved social media since they first came up back in 2007. Who knew the infamous hash or pound would go on to become one of the most integral aspects of a digital marketing kit. From its use in various coding languages till ruling our today’s digital society, these monograms or phrases have helped make social media convenient and beneficial.

For a social media buff, hashtags make it convenient to surf through various niches of content. They help one get their hands on content from all over the world across various themes. This, on the other hand, helps businesses palate their content effectively to a large audience.

Smart use of hashtags equals a tremendous increase in traffic. To help you navigate through social media with the help of these might little words, we have curated a guide for you.

Target trending and simple hashtags

The number of words in the English language is unfathomable. However, this does not mean that each and every word or its synonym will work for you. Therefore, remember to pick the hashtags which are not only trending but also simple in nature.

hashtag marketingThink like a consumer who has a plethora of hashtags to dive in. What will strike them first? No one likes a word straight out of a grammar nazi’s book. Come up with hashtags you know would help you initiate a conversation. Couple the former with hashtags that have already been picked and have been topping the charts (but not too much).

Social media thrives on community building and hashtags are one of its aces to achieve the same. Having said that, try and also pick hashtags that are indirectly related to the niche your content belongs to and at the same time are being spoken of in communities.

Create content around what’s trending

More often than not, knowing what’s trending in the world is equivalent to asking what hashtag(s) is topping social media charts. It only takes a while for the headlines to turn into a hashtag. That is where you come in and add to the ongoing conversation.

Create content around anything and everything trending that even remotely relates to what you do. For example, if your country managed to score gold in a sports tournament, put out a post congratulating the team and advertising your product or service to show how it can add to the celebration.

Sometimes an anecdote that adds value to the conversation without hurting anyone’s sentiments does wonder for your reach.  You can also add to any trending conversation by sharing a generic informative post educating people about what is going on.

How to launch a Hashtag Campaign?

To avoid getting lost in the overcrowded realm of social media, stay unique. A hashtag campaign is a great marketing tactic. Use a hashtag in your posts to propagate a specific agenda and invite your customers to participate in the same. This could involve asking customers to share their experiences with your product on social media by using the respective hashtag. In exchange, you could introduce exciting offers or discounts for all those who participate.

An example of a unique hashtag campaign is Domino’s Pizza’s #letsdolunch.

Source: Domino’s Pizza UK on Twitter

Such campaigns for the holiday season will require you to let your creative juices flow. You need to pave the way for your customers to reach you by coming up with unique hashtags to outshine others and start a new conversation.

Quantity matters

Although almost all social media platforms have a character or hashtag limit in place, it is best to avoid underdoing and overdoing. Using a hashtag multiple times is completely harmless and helps your customers identify with your content. A recent study concluded that using 10+ hashtags can reduce engagement by 68.2%.

multiple hashtags

Don’t worry. We have just the right numbers for you.

Hashtags Generating Tools

When the stakes are high, picking the right hashtags can become a job too complex. Do not fret! The Internet is home to many free and partly free-partly-paid hashtag generating websites.

Here is a list of tools at your disposal – HashtagsForLikesMetaHashtags, Hashtagify, RiteTag and Sistrix.

Choosing the right hashtags is also followed by a meticulous task of knowing which of these mighty little words worked and which didn’t work for you. Fortunately, we are blessed with tools that monitor your hashtags’ performance for you. Some of them include – RiteTag, Hashtagify, All Hashtag, Keyhole, and Brand24.

Common errors and how to avoid them?

  1. Adding to trends once in a blue moon or after the trend has run its course might invite unnecessary negative attention towards you. Stay consistent and punctual with your efforts.
  2. Steer clear of a marketing nightmare by checking the hashtags – trending or otherwise – before using them. Do not use hashtags that uphold unpleasant and mass-triggering conversations.
  3. Be wary of hashtags that are specifically created by other competitive brands to promote something of their own.
  4. If you are someone who tries to maintain a good distance from political or national conflicts, be very careful when you choose your hashtags.
  5. Good hashtags require good content. It is a balance you should never overlook.


The integrality of hashtags is more than obvious by now. Hashtags and Hashtag campaigns go a long way in fostering your brand’s identity among the masses. Their reputation precedes them, therefore, tread with utmost creativity and care the next time you put up a post with hashtags. Contact us at Shaktiki to book a free consultation call.