Why should e-commerce websites accept cryptocurrency?

The year 2009 paved the way to something that has gained immense popularity in recent years. It’s a frequent topic of discussion and has created a lot of buzz.  This subject is what we call cryptocurrency.

What is cryptocurrency?

In simple words, a cryptocurrency is a form of digital payment based on complex encryption. It can be exchanged amongst its users for goods and services. In opposition to cash which has a fixed value, many investors consider this as an asset with a variable value.

A major point about cryptocurrencies is that they have decentralized control. This means, unlike traditional currencies, it’s not controlled by any centralized authority like banks and governments. Consequently, transactions are verified by a decentralized network of thousands of computers without a central server. Encryption techniques are used to control their use and manage their release.

Some popular cryptocurrencies include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple.


A pseudonymous (possibly) developer Satoshi Nakamoto created the first decentralized cryptocurrency in 2009. Since then, the currency has witnessed many fluctuations. However, it has gained admirable credibility now. The use of cryptocurrency in e-commerce is proof of the same.

Who is accepting cryptocurrency?

Many major companies across the world accept cryptocurrency. This includes PayPal. The financial technology company intended to draw businesses to its platforms. Additionally, bitcoin’s transaction fees were lower than the profit-making 2%-3% charge that businesses paid for credit card transactions.

The Online electronics giant NewEgg also accepts bitcoin. While many platforms require you to convert crypto to cash through a third-party service, NewEgg lets you pay instantly. Shoppers buying through a computer have to choose the “Pay With Bitcoin”. Following this, they have to go through the motions of shipping.


Additionally, Amazon-owned Whole Foods and Twitch now accept cryptocurrency, not just bitcoin. Moreover, this list of companies accepting this new currency includes big names like Starbucks, Microsoft, Etsy, Overstock, Home Depot; etc.

Why are E-commerce platforms introducing cryptocurrency payment options?

The digital revolution has severely impacted our lives. In the business domain, the rise of E-commerce has led to the rise of digital wallets. This is a more convenient and instant payment option. Considering Cyptocurrency is automatically converted into local currency merchants when using a payment processor, introducing this payment option can be seamless. However, still many E-commerce players are yet to adopt this form of payment.

It is imperative for E-Commerce retailers to understand how adopting cryptocurrency as a payment method can offer multiple benefits. Consequently, it can help to foster growth in your business.

Reasons to introduce this payment method

Here are some reasons to introduce cryptocurrency as a payment method in  your E-Commerce website:

Broader Market

Introducing cryptocurrency as a payment method will enhance the purchasing power of tech-savvy consumers who have a community within the cryptocurrency market. Consequently, it will help in expanding your market.

Moreover, a digital wallet allows you to dive into broader markets and attract customers from all around the world.

Rapid transactions

Traditional transaction systems like credit cards take a few days to process. Whereas the blockchain technology of cryptocurrency enables faster and more direct transactions. This will allow you to streamline your business cash flow.

On the other hand, the immediate processing of cryptocurrency is also beneficial for customers. It means their orders can be shipped instantaneously. This in turn enhances their shopping experience and satisfies a modern customer’s demand for faster delivery.

Lower fees

E-commerce sellers pay a significant charge for credit cards. The transaction fees for cryptocurrency will depend on whether you accept it through your personal waller or through a third-party provider. However, it will be less than services like Paypal or as mentioned earlier credit card providers. Hence, cryptocurrencies have lower transaction costs.

Consequently, this makes business more profitable.

Enhanced Security

Following a transaction carried with cryptocurrency, it becomes difficult to reverse without the approval of the merchant. Since there is no middle authority like a bank that can withdraw the funds from your account without your consent, retailers are assured of more security from E-Commerce fraud.

Carrying anonymous transactions

Cryptocurrency is like unmarked cash. It allows making anonymous purchases by using encrypted wallet addresses. Basically, this allows customers to make purchases while not comprising their personal information. Additionally, you can do your business without any concerns about privacy regulations.

How can you accept cryptocurrency payments on your e-commerce site?

There are two options you can use for introducing this mode of payment:

  1. Through third-party processors: There are many third-party services that can process transactions on your behalf. Some examples of these can be BitPay, Coinbase, or NOWpayments. A Shopify merchant can start accepting cryptocurrency by enabling one or more alternative payment methods from the ‘Payment Providers’ page of their Shopify admin. Once this option is enabled, they can accept more than 300 digital currencies.
  2. Paying through a personal wallet: Through this option, you can receive payments directly to your personal digital wallet. This can be stored on your smartphone, computer, or hard drive.

Summing Up

If you decide to add cryptocurrency as a method of payment in your online store, there are some things you need to keep in mind. Ensure the security of your system, transaction, and funds. In order to enhance security, use strong passwords and multi-factor authentication for your crypto exchanges and wallets. Additionally, regularly update, backup, and encrypt your systems and wallet.

One should keep these funds in cold storage if they are vital to their business. This means keeping an offline Bitcoin wallet like a flash drive. However, don’t keep large amounts in the wallet for a long period of time.

If this new concept seems confusing, remember that cryptocurrency has an immense possibility of transforming E-commerce and international trade. Most importantly, adopting cryptocurrency has benefits for both the customers and businesses. So, keep up with the latest practice in the e-Commerce industry and adopt cryptocurrency today.

To keep up with the best marketing practices, get in touch with our team at Shaktiki today. 



The complete guide to market your small business

Even if you know a popular brand or a small business, it has become an accepted fact that having an online presence is important. Digital marketing is a critical requirement for every modern business. The medium has helped in building brands in a way that wasn’t possible earlier.

Despite the ease and luring benefits offered by e-commerce and big brands, people still like to shop in retail stores and from emerging brands. This has become possible because of movements like #supportsmallbusiness and #vocalforlocal.

Small business owners aim at creating brand awareness and demand a way to track Return on Investment (ROI). The latter helps in finding what works for their business. In this scenario, digital marketing becomes a must.

It is essential for small businesses, to provide updated information about their plans to their customers and potential customers. From blogging, Facebook marketing to SEO, branding, there are many options for marketing. However, these terms might be alien to small business owners.

This is when the concept of small marketing comes to the rescue!

What is small business marketing?

The idea behind marketing is to build brand awareness to obtain leads and subsequently convert them to sales. However, in the case of a small business, the problem is spreading the word can be challenging due to resource constraints and reduced visibility.

Beyond this having a small team or no sense of direction can be other problems. This is when one should employ small business marketing strategies.

What are some key small business marketing strategies?

Understand your audience

Knowing your audience is central to running a business. One can leverage the most from a niche. This especially applies to small businesses. In order to develop a niche and appeal to buyers from that particular niche, one must understand their problems, priorities; etc.

A knowledge of what pushes them to make a purchasing decision will help in creating effective messaging. Think about your current customers and potential customers. Following this, create a buyer persona to attract the ideal customer.

Highlight your value proposition and stay focused

In simple words, value proposition means what differentiates your business from your competitors. Emphasising this will help in making a favorable argument for you.

Additionally, it’s important to set a goal and concentrate your efforts and resources on it. In the beginning, it’s critical to get ROI. This calls for you to invest in short-term plays or strategies which will provide immediate benefits. In many cases, these can be paid ads. Moreover, getting ROI sooner will help you to invest in more long-term and sustainable models.

After having set up initiatives and experimenting with a few strategies, pay attention to what works. Invest more in what is generating you more revenue.

Value what’s available 

A mistake that many businesses make is forgetting the customers after they make the purchase. On the contrary, you should move beyond the practice of ensuring good shopping. Extend your efforts to delight your existing customers. Consequently, you will realise that word of mouth from them will bring more customers.

In addition to this, one should leverage the benefits of the multiple free resources available. Invest in paid tools provided they offer drastic positive results.

Create a website for your small business

Having a website is equivalent to having a salesperson who works 24/7 for you.

This statement aptly describes how a website is one of the most important assets one can create for their business. It becomes a place where you can show what you provide, where you are based, and how a customer can contact you.

Most importantly, a website has the capability of generating organic traffic while also being able to send traffic from marketing and advertising initiatives.

Consistent blogging for driving traffic

It is a known fact that blogging is an effective way to generate organic traffic. A blog helps you to establish yourself as a thought leader. One can simply use free or inexpensive website tools for this. Posting consistently will subsequently improve the visibility of your website.

Besides this, you can add a call-to-action (CTA) to your posts to subscribe to your blog and receive emails as well. Collecting contact information marks the beginning of collecting leads and informing potential customers about your products or services.

Use social media

Everyone today is on social media. Many platforms have also come up as a great place for small businesses to grow. The Covid outbreak led to growth in a number of small businesses.

With the interactive features available on these free platforms, small businesses should have a good presence here to grow their business.

Offer something for free

Building customer loyalty can prove to be very profitable for every business. Offering coupons or free products or services can help in making a customer happy and satisfied. Such customers not only come back but also bring others with them.

Besides, you don’t have to hire popular celebrities to have brand ambassadors. You can have your friends and family act as people who promote your product or service and there you have your brand ambassador.

Invest in advertisements

Organic traffic needs time to build. However, it is important for small businesses to get an ROI soon.

In this case, short-term plays can be very beneficial. Google Ads are great if you are aware that your target audience is looking for your product on the web. In case they are not, social media ads can perform great for you too. Even though social media users shave less intent to buy, but highly targeted ads can do wonders!

Summing Up

A small business has many marketing options from email marketing to Facebook ads. But it is important to remember that jumping into all strategies is worse than adopting no strategy.

Instead, employ your resources, time, and efforts for strategies that will go along with your business. Maintain a balance between paid tools and unpaid ones. Establish a network and enjoy the benefits.

If you wish to grow your business like this, we can help you. From building a website to creating a blog, contact Shaktiki for the best marketing solutions. 


How to create Buyer Personas for growing your business?

“Every business is dependent on its customers” is an understatement. This is because businesses don’t revolve around customers but they exist to serve them. Consequently, customers are considered extremely important to every business.

The huge scale at which business can take place today demands companies to identify and understand these customers. This has been realised as an essential step to expand businesses. An important term related to customers in the business world is buyer personas.

What are buyer personas?

Buyer Personas refer to semi-fictional representations of your perfect customer based on research and data. They help businesses focus their time on qualified prospects and guide product development according to target customers’ needs. Aligning all work across your organisation in different departments becomes easy with buyer personas.

In effect, you will be able to attract more leads, high-value visitors, and customers who you will be able to probably retain over time.

A deeper understanding of your buyer persona will ultimately be critical to enhance product development, content creation, sales follow-up. In simpler words, it will facilitate any process that is related to retaining and acquiring customers.

Now the important question that arises is how does one create a persona. Is it a difficult task?

To answer this, buyer personas are difficult to create. It’s about how one acquires the market research and customer data, and then present this information within your business.  The process of creating them is explained below.

How to create buyer personas?

Complete the persona’s basic demographic information

The first step is to ask demographic-based questions in person, over the phone, or through online surveys. The mode of the interview should depend upon the questions to be asked like a lot of times people will be comfortable sharing personal information through surveys.

During the conversations, you would have come across some descriptive buzzwords. It will be really helpful if you include such words to make it easier for your team to identify certain personas when they’re talking to some prospects.

Inform about what you have learned about your persona’s motivations

Share the information that you have learned after asking “why” from your interviewees. This can be anything: What makes your persona use a particular network? What is something that has been causing trouble to them?

Such questions will help you find a lot of information about them. After gathering all this information, your job is to use it to tell people how can a company provide solutions for it.

Guide your sales team for conversations with persona

It will be really beneficial if you note down quotes from the interviews. This will inform your organisation who they are, what are they concerned about and what do they want. Additionally, create a list of objections they might raise. This will help your sales team to be prepared adequately to address those during the conversations with them.

Discuss and create messaging for your persona

It is important that your entire team discusses how to talk about your products or services with your persona. This includes every type of communication, from the general pitch that positions your solution to resonate with them to the basic vernacular you should use.

Consequently, this will ensure that everyone in your company is using the same language when they’re having a conversation with leads and potential customers. In addition to this, you can give your persona a name. This will make sure that internally everyone refers to each persona in the same way, providing cross-team consistency.

Moreover, these efforts will help in forming a synchronized and impressive image of the company. It’s important o remember that customers value the consistency of a brand.

How to get Interviewees for researching buyer personas?

The most important requirement while creating a persona is to find people to speak with, i.e. people who will be your buyer persona.

Conducting interviews is essential to know what drives your target audience. But how can one find these interviewees?

Employ the following sources for the same:

Use your present customers

Your current customers are the perfect people to begin your interviews. This is because they have already used your products or services and engaged with your organisation. Some of them are likely to represent your target persona. However, this doesn’t mean you spend time talking to happy customers willing to spend time talking about how they love your product or service.

It is important that you interact with unsatisfied customers to find the pattern that will you develop a better understanding of your buyer persona.

Additionally, another benefit of interviewing current customers is that you won’t have to provide them with an incentive as customers enjoy being heard.

Use referrals

If you are choosing to get into new markets or you have no leads or even customers yet, you can rely on referrals to talk to people who may fit into your target persona.

For this, use your networks like social media contacts, coworkers, or existing customers. A good place to start is LinkedIn.

Use your current prospects

Interview people who haven’t purchased your product or used your service. This can be your prospects and leads. Use the data you already have about them to figure who might fit into your target personas.

Employ third-party networks 

For getting interviews with people completely removed from your company, use third-party networks. These networks can be UserTesting.com or Craigslist.

Summing Up

The most basic benefit of creating buyer personas is that it allows you to create content and messaging that appeals to your most valuable audience. It allows you to target or personalise your marketing strategies for different audiences.

If you can take time to create negative personas, then you will be able to remove the unimportant contacts. This way you can achieve a lower cost-per-customer and cost-per-lead, ultimately leading to higher sales productivity.

Beyond using buyer personas for marketing, there are many techniques as well. To build an effective marketing strategy and instil growth in your business, we provide a range of services. Contact us at Shaktiki today.




Is Twitter Marketing a promising strategy?

Twitter was launched in 2006 as an online message board that was updated via text message. Today it has grown to be one of the largest social networks with 353 million users producing 500 million tweets every day.

The platform has become a place to quickly obtain news whether local or international. Twitter has emerged as a powerful search engine and social networking tool that can even provide updates from businesses to any event or organisation.

Twitter has not been the most favourite platform of marketers. However, it is this untapped potential that you can use to your benefit.

From engaging users and followers to boosting conversions and increasing brand awareness, Twitter allows numerous benefits. To avail of the benefits of a platform like this, it’s important to have a special strategy for it.

What is a Twitter marketing strategy?

A Twitter marketing strategy refers to a plan that is focused on creating, publishing, and then distributing content for your audience, followers, buyer personas on Twitter. The aim of this type of strategy is to increase brand recognition, attract more followers and leads, boost conversions and consequently increase sales.

Forming a Twitter marketing strategy requires you to follow the same steps as every other social media marketing strategy:

  1. Research extensively about your audience and buyer personas
  2. Create engaging and attractive content
  3. Schedule your posts according to the high traffic hours
  4. Analyse the results and impact generated from the aforementioned efforts

However, if you still have doubts about using this platform then refer to the next section.

Why should you use Twitter Marketing for your business?

You can get viral!

Twitter is known for spreading tweets like wildfire. There are so many tweets that get viral and even become trending news. An active user of the platform is well aware of how multiple tweets get viral every day, even if they are not from a known personality. They are funny, newsworthy, or simply relatable. These tweets don’t even have to be of someone with a significant amount of followers.

This means brands can go viral with a tweet that can result in an increase in reach, traffic, and conversions.

Twitter allows you to have a unique brand voice

Twitter as a platform allows brands to develop their own voice as well as a public personality. One can develop this according to the industry they belong to, it can be authoritative or even humorous.

Twitter Marketing
Image Source: Twitter

For example, fast food companies have become popular with their branding strategies on Twitter. A forgotten brand like MoonPie has been able to regain some of its forgotten popularity because of Twitter. The brand gained followers by using self-deprecating humour in its tweets. This became their short, funny, and quick way to garner attention.

Posting a lot is expected

Posting frequently on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram is usually considered spamming. However, this is not true for Twitter.

Many research and studies have suggested that Twitter is the only social media network where marketers are recommended to post multiple times a day. This is because Twitter is still heavily chronological. Usually, tweets have a very short lifespan in the feed of posts. Hence, regular updates become to stay up to date.

This becomes a great opportunity for marketers to provide a great mix of content. Your content strategy can have a wide range of content-from entertaining to educational information. Text, Images, Videos, Live videos, and polls are the options provided by the platform. Consequently, they can be used to spark conversations and create buzz.

Your Twitter profile will drive traffic to your website

Social media profiles have proved to be a great place to link websites. This becomes especially true for Twitter which helps in developing a brand voice. Many pieces of research have shown that people who visit a Twitter profile also end up checking their website.

However, marketers should remember that the brand voice should be consistent. A funny Twitter account should not lead users to a website with serious language. This will leave users confused and disinterested.

Twitter Marketing becomes easy with follower insights

Twitter provides its users with native analytics. These are one of the best provided by all the social media platforms. The Audiences tab is extremely facilitating for marketers. It provides helpful information about the followers.

The audience is divided into four categories: Consumer Behavior, Demographics, Lifestyle, and Mobile Footprint. This data provides knowledge about your followers and their interests. Additionally, they provide insights into how these followers interact with brands. This data can be especially useful while launching a campaign.

In simpler words, Twitter analytics will help you develop your follower persona. Consequently, you can focus directly on users who match the kind of people already in your following.

How to start Twitter Marketing?

If you have decided to include Twitter in your marketing strategy, it’s important to note that using Twitter, in this case, will be different from your personal use. You can use Twitter for business by following the steps mentioned below:

Brand your profile

Customize your Twitter profile with your logo, URL of your website, bio, and other details. Customizing your profile becomes necessary to create a brand voice. However, remember to stay consistent across platforms.

Advertise on Twitter

Advertising on Twitter is a good way to make your tweets discoverable by a large number of people. Following this, your following and influence will increase. This can be done through Twitter Ads or promoted tweets.

Host a Twitter Chat

One can host a Twitter chat to engage followers and discuss things. This creates a sense of community. Further, you can ask your audience for their opinions on something you are working on currently.

Get verified

Twitter Marketing
Source: Twitter

According to Twitter, requests for account verification are accepted if you’re from certain fields. This includes brands, organisations, and companies. If the conditions of the platform allow you to get verified, then it can be beneficial. A verified account adds trust and legitimacy to your business.

Summing Up

Your business can benefit from the untapped potential of Twitter. However, if you looking for other marketing strategies, then we are here for you.

Contact Shaktiki to improve your marketing and grow your business. 




Why is chatbot marketing a rising trend?

Business is a field that needs to stay updated with the latest trends and technology. Companies that use the newest and innovative ways for every step can leverage the benefits of this approach. Making sure that you market, sell, communicate and indulge in all the processes with such an approach can help you to level up your game.

This has taken the shape of various Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Virtual Reality (VR) based techniques. A lot of industry leaders try to employ the most current technology to appeal to the masses. One of these strategies is using chatbots.

What are chatbots?

A chatbot can be explained as a computer software or program that automatically engages with the user. They can be programmed to deliver different responses based on the choices and requests of the user. For example, a chatbot can help in providing more information regarding a topic based on the user’s choice. In other cases, a chatbot could have helped by asking which service the user wants to know about and then give an adequate response.

The more advanced bots are powered by Artificial Intelligence or AI. Whereas most chatbots are programmed with particular responses and built-out conversation trees. Additionally, there are many third-party services that make it easy for marketers to build their own chatbot conversations without any special development skills.

What is chatbot marketing?

chatbot marketing

According to a Facebook study, 53% of consumers are more likely to buy if can message that business. This makes live chat an effective marketing strategy today. The idea of chatbot marketing is based on this fact.

Chatbot marketing refers to the marketing strategy that uses computer programs to automate interaction with customers and other prospects. The interaction can be either on your app or your website with the key purpose of boosting sales.

This kind of marketing allows businesses to engage with leads all the time and in the same capacity. It doesn’t need your marketing and sales team to be online. You can employ chatbot marketing to answer support questions, start conversations, qualify leads; etc.


The 2018 State of Chatbots Report points out that the important things customers want from chatbots are:

  • Help in resolving a problem or addressing a complaint
  • A quick response to questions asked
  • Get a detailed and adequate reply to a query
  • Finding a human customer service employee

What benefits do chatbots offer to businesses?

Every business needs to be aware of the benefits of their investments. So, the advantages of chatbots are listed below:

Saves money and time

Usually conversing with customers requires employees which meaning spending significant time and money. However, with automated conversations, an organization saves both time and money which are crucial resources in business.

Additionally, this means companies can allocate the same to other efforts. Their employees can instead find relevant conversations to join with social listening tools. It should also be noted that the amount of time you save increases as your inbound message quantity increases.

Moreover, an organization saves a very significant amount of hours by using a chatbot.

Generate valuable leads and revenue

Chatbots utilize direct messages to collect information important to provide effective support. Like a very common question asked to users is the reason they are visiting the page.

Automating this interaction allows users to share information required to serve them without requiring a human to ask for it. A website chatbot qualifies prospects and collects the email address so that a sales representative can continue with the follow-up. Consequently, the chatbot can deliver leads to the sales department.

Most importantly, it will remove the exhausting task of answering the same questions repeatedly. Your team will also be happier with high-quality leads and spending time doing meaningful work.

Guide users to obtain solutions 

Many times customers aren’t aware of where to find the information they need or are interested in. Sometimes customers don’t even know what they are interested in. There are chances that they came across your brand and then decided to explore. Asking questions to users can help them to find the information they want to know. For this, you will have to think of some questions that will take your user to the best possible solution.

Think of an airline. It has to cater to a large customer base and serve a number of functions. From departing and arrival locations to upgrades, there are many things an airline has to do for the customer. This includes informing the customer about the same.

The airline can personalize the question their chatbot will ask. Consequently, it ensures a smooth user experience, while making the trip easier for both ends.

Provides support 24×7

Chatbots are used to provide an instant reply. This isn’t possible when an organization has employed people to respond. However, another crucial advantage of using chatbots is that it provides 24-hours support, unlike the latter.

A chatbot helps in running your business even when the office is closed. This is extremely important as customers expect and appreciate a quick reply. Hence, chatbots help you meet customer’s expectations.

Engages users to ensure a good experience

chatbot marketing

Earlier customer questions were asked via email and telephone. This restricted user experience to be simple and non-customized. However, chatbots offer fun, fresh, and interactive ways to engage with brands.

For example, the chatbots of Fandango. Earlier, you had to spend time sorting through Moviefone’s options via its 1-800 number. Now you can go to Fandango’s social media profiles and interact with their chatbots to find movie times and theatres near you.

Summing Up

Chatbot marketing simplifies a lot of functions for businesses. Additionally, they make the brands look extremely cool. For example, Volvo Cars have inserted a chatbot with an Integrated Typeform survey on their website. This provides a customized price quote based on visitor’s input. This has significantly increased the leads as people are able to get immediate answers.

However, there are many marketing techniques beyond chatbot marketing. Contact us at Shaktiki to find out how you can employ them to grow your business. 

What are the benefits of having a podcast?

The rapidly developing technology has been a blessing in many ways. There has been a continuous growth of platforms, channels, applications making our lives easier or better.  One of these is podcasts.

Since its advent in 2005, podcasts have become increasingly popular. But for the most part, they have made long commute bearable. Additionally, it has also reduced the feeling of isolation for many during Covid-19. Listening to someone talking can be a great way of gaining your calm.

Podcasts have also proved to be a great friend when one gets bored. No wonder there are more than 850,000 active podcasts with over 30 million episodes produced. Advertising on podcasts has also proved favourable. Statistics point out 54% of podcast listeners are more likely to consider buying from a brand after they have heard its advertisement on some podcast (eMarketer).

Considering the versatility of this form of media and its ability to attract and maintain an audience, it has become a favourite. Even entrepreneurs, business owners, and marketers have started creating podcasts and capitalizing on their popularity.

A recent survey conducted in 2019 found that 51% of consumers above the age of 12 in the US listen to podcasts (Statista). This is a great increase from 44% in 2018.

Moreover, there are many reasons to start a podcast for your business.

Why your business should use podcasting?

Establish yourself as an industry expert

A podcaster provides opinions, knowledge, tips about a specific niche. This positions them as an authority in that particular topic or field. So starting a podcast will allow you to establish yourself as an industry expert.

Your business will become a great model for the industry. Additionally, it will help you to influence customers and clients to buy your products and services. Besides this, it will portray your business in a positive light.

Improved traffic generation

Podcasts can help one reach new audiences that are extremely beneficial for a business. This becomes possible as listeners subscribe to the series and listen to podcasts regularly. Your audience keeps listening as long as your podcast continues. Over a period of time, this builds familiarity with a vast audience.

This also means that your audience will recommend your podcast to others. Consequently, your reach will increase. Moreover, it will increase traffic generation in a short span of time.

A podcast is a great alternative to video

It is a known fact that video marketing is a great marketing tactic in the market today. However, creating videos has its own set of challenges.

In this case, a podcast becomes a great alternative to video. Some small businesses might not even have the right equipment to shoot videos too. As it involves a lot of equipment, lighting, sound, background, etc. This is how podcasts become a better option.

Highly engaging format

The age of the internet is also the age of information overload. The web is filled with written content. It is in this situation, audio format attempts to engage customers and breaks the monotonous cycle. The speaker can also convey the message in a highly interactive way that written content doesn’t.

According to a survey conducted by Internal Midroll, 63% of 300,000 listeners bought what the host promoted. This reveals the engaging and influential nature of podcasts.

Builds effective relationships with the audience

Podcasts are undoubtedly a one-sided medium. But they help in building better relationships with listeners. This is because listening to a podcast gives the feeling that one knows the person speaking on the podcast. Listening to a podcast over a period of time creates a feeling of familiarity. It makes listeners feel that they have something in common with the speaker and their brand.

The kind of relationship mentioned above helps in building trust. It creates and encourages an association with the brand. Consequently, it improves conversion as people are more interested in buying from someone known.

Easy to create and inexpensive

Podcasts can be created easily by following a few steps. It doesn’t require a lot of equipment. A good quality microphone and headphones are good for this purpose. The editing software is available for free and easy to use. A good WiFi connection is important for uploading files.

Why is having a podcast beneficial for your business?
Image Source: Podcast Gang

After creating the podcast, one can easily promote it to reach a larger audience. For this, it can be made available on different distribution channels. All of these steps can be carried out easily without any major financial investment.

How to promote your podcast?

Ensure good content to make promotion easier

The major hack to a successful podcast is to ensure engaging and attractive content that will interest your listeners. Tell stories and make each episode memorable. This will prompt listeners to share and spread the word about your podcast.

Besides this, refer to old episodes to promote your work in a subtle way.

Encourage your listeners to subscribe, share and leave good reviews

It is extremely important that you ask your listeners to subscribe, share and review your podcast at the beginning and end of each episode. Instead of being pushy, be honest and explain the importance of this calls-to-action to your audience. Tell them how you will be able to produce better content with their support.

Network with your community

Joining a community of podcasters can help you stay informed. It will provide you with the necessary and discuss new ways of promoting your business. A community can become your best resource if you commit yourself to it. These communities can be Podcast Hackers, Podcasting Technology Resource Group, The New York Times Podcast Club, Podcasting (Meetup), etc. 

Invite guests and be someone’s guest

Having interesting guests on your show help in producing more engaging episodes and adds a fresh point of view for listeners. Whereas being a guest on someone’s show can introduce your work to a completely new audience. Consequently, it can help gain more subscribers.

Summing Up

Podcasts can provide a vast range of benefits and are a great addition to your marketing mix. To include other such beneficial tactics in your marketing strategy, contact Shaktiki today. 

What makes Personal Branding so important?

A few years ago, only famous celebrities had personal brands. Athletes, actors, musicians, TV personalities, industrialists received all the attention. However, the situation is not the same anymore.

People are now willing to put effort and invest their time can become “thought leaders” in a field. Today ordinary people are using personal branding tools increasingly. This includes social media. The main purpose behind using these tools is to attract people to their social media and websites.

Today personal branding is not just limited to business. It has become crucial for a business coach, influencers, or anyone willing to share their story with the world. The list is endless. In simple words, anyone interested in making an impact in the world should create a brand strategy. To make it easier, first, let’s answer some basic questions.

What is Personal Branding?

 It refers to the practice of marketing people and different aspects of their lives like their careers as brands. This is a continuous process of developing and maintaining an impression of an individual, group, or organization. In the case of personal branding, success is defined as a form of self-packaging.

A personal brand becomes how you promote yourself. It includes the personality, skills, and experience you want to show your followers. Hence, personal branding is how you present your story and the impression people gain from the same.

Why is creating a Personal Brand so important?

 People ideal for you start to find you

Once you start sharing your story and snippets of your personality with people on social media, you will find them actively engaging with your content. It does not stay limited to following but also includes sharing your content. The more personal element and personality you add, the easier it will become for you to find your people. This is because have a personal touch makes things relatable and closer to life.

 Over a period of time, one will be able to build a community of people who value you and identify you as an expert in your industry. However, the reaction can be both positive or negative.

Moreover, the chief reason to create a personal brand is to have a group of people who are willing to do things on your wish. Having this group of ideal followers once can start making a profit and achieving their goals. From selling out event tickets to buying from your clothing line, your loyal group of followers will do everything you wish.

Building trust with people

Doing business online is not exactly easy but the key to easing this challenge is by winning trust. Some studies conducted recently show that 70-80% of people research a brand or an influencer before doing any business with them. This is bases on the simple fact that people want to know you before spending money or engage in business with you.

It is this simple reason that makes personal branding so important. This type of marketing allows building strong connections and relationships with people living in any corner of the world.

However, social media is a highly resourceful place. So, make sure that you show your authentic self. Everything one does can be found online, so put a consistent story everywhere. Additionally, consistency is a key factor in building trust with people.

How to start personal branding?

Personal branding can be made easy by following the tips mentioned below:

Make sure that your content has a purpose

Generally, marketers advise that the most effective way to attract more people and customers to your personal brand is to keep sharing new content. This content can be videos or blogs. They say that after some time you will grow into an influential brand and reach your goals.

However, we have seen this strategy fail a lot. Why?

This is one of the key complaints that businesses have- they spent a lot of time creating content that no one engaged with.  Creating new content is undoubtedly necessary but it should not be to just complete the task. The main aim should be to increase engagement.

Having a content strategy and budget in place to create and promote content is important. In addition to this, one thing that most businesses miss is the purpose. Your content should have a purpose. This means every piece of content you create should be created within a budget and with a specific goal in mind.

Along with this, you should also spend time getting your content in front of the right people at the right time.

Be extremely consistent 

Building a personal brand demands consistency. From your message to your platforms, everything should be consistent. Your social media channels should also be visually appealing. They should reflect the influential person you wish to be presented as.

Once you choose a niche, stick to it and stay consistent. A good piece of advice here is to avoid confusing your followers by posting a lot about a wide range of topics. A prove for the same is every successful influencer as they stay disciplined and strive to be consistent.

Find what makes you unique

To stand out from your competitors, find out what makes your brand special. In simpler words, find your USP or Unique Selling Proposition.

One of the best examples of this is Coca-Cola. It was the first known business to include personal branding in its marketing strategy. They focused on creating a brand personality and employed emotional advertising.

What makes personal branding important?
Image Source: Business2community

The company created its brand around important values like joy, community, happiness, and experience. They realized how telling a product will not be profitable. Instead,  selling an experience worked was something that worked well. In the end, these values helped in differentiating Coca-Cola from its numerous competitors.

Summing up

To sum up, what we have discussed so far, personal branding is not just a profitable way of marketing but at times important too.

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Why does your business need a blog?

Modern businesses especially in the digital sphere demand to stay updated. This means they have to be on top of trends and accommodate all the changes required in the rapidly evolving marketing landscape. However, certain marketing strategies have been consistent and important over the last few years, one of them is having a blog.

The practice of blogging has become a crucial element for any business today. One question that has remained consistent along with blogging is – Why does my business need a blog?

It’s important to understand that blogging doesn’t just aid your business, with the change in the behaviour of consumers, business blogging has become essential. Business blogging offers numerous benefits from maintaining an online presence and obtaining new customers to standing out among your competitors. But what exactly is business blogging?

Business blogging refers to a marketing technique that employs blogging to increase the online visibility of your business. Consequently, a business blog becomes a marketing channel that boosts business growth.

Benefits of having a blog

Let’s discuss the benefits of business blogging for your business in detail:

A blog drives traffic to your website

Businesses don’t update their web pages often. Blogging can solve this problem. It can optimise your site for search engines.

Every time a blog is published, it creates an indexed page on your website. This increases your chance of being visible on the search results page. Consequently, it solves the twin problems of driving traffic and keeping your website active.

Helps in converting traffic into leads

Having traffic on your website means an opportunity to convert traffic into leads. In the case of a blog, add a lead-generating call-to-action (CTA) to every blog post. These CTAs can take one to webinars, free resources like ebooks, or anything that people would be willing to exchange information for.

Consequently, this process will turn website traffic into leads for your sales team. However, not all blogs will become leads but they will provide other benefits.

A blog helps in keeping your audience updated about your business

Your company’s website helps in providing your audience with the essential updates. Besides the website, your blog can also help keep your audience updated. A blog provides the advantage of connecting with the audience and sharing updates in detail. Additionally, it shows not only what you do but also who you are as a brand.

In this way, your blog becomes a direct channel to provide details, share relevant content, and comment on what’s going on in the industry.

Obtain valuable feedback from your customers

When websites provide customers with helpful information through their blogs, it has a larger purpose. Blogs are significant because they provide the space to comment, ask questions and even start a conversation.

Engaging customers by providing what they need can start a two-way conversation. Making an interactive platform can start a discussion in the comment sections. Such detailed conversations can help in building trust for your brand.

Beyond this, the comments can be a great place to obtain valuable feedback. They can also help in viewing your business from your audience’s perspective. Hence, it can help in making improvements to your business.

A blog can help you to build your email list

Email marketing has proved an extremely effective marketing tactic over the years.  But the challenge that one faces in email marketing is getting subscribers. It is in this scenario that a blog can emerge helpful.

If your readers find your blog relevant, engaging and informative then there are good chances that they will trust your email newsletter too. You can encourage people to sign up for the same in your blogs. This can be through internal links in your blogs or informing them about it in your blogs.

Once people sign up then you have access to email addresses that makes providing promotions and updates easier.

Can easily repurpose blog content for social media

Blogging and Social Media function in a manner that creates a symbiotic relationship. The former can increase your social media reach in two ways:

  • People can share your blog on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest. This helps in introducing a new audience to your business.
  • Secondly, it can keep your social media presence growing as blogs provide a lot of content. Informative and helpful content from blogs can also boost your social media presence.

The relationship becomes symbiotic when your content from social media drives people to your blogs, gaining new website visitors.

This is what we do for Shaktiki too!

A blog can establish you as an industry expert

A simple way to lead your industry is through your actions. Starting a blog on your website can portray you as an expert in your industry. Whatever business you have, start writing blogs for it.

It can be related to your product or services, trends in the field, solutions that your customers might be looking for. From posting your updates to cross-promoting, use your blog as a space to further your interests.  However, make sure that you use your blog to educate – be it your customers, peers, or students.

This way you will teach what you know and answer frequently asked questions. The efforts that you make to genuinely help your readers by providing your expert knowledge will come back to help you. It can be in the form of trust, continuous engagement, and even referrals.

Besides this, demonstrating the social efforts made by your company like non-profit initiatives can also help in building a positive image. Moreover, remember to use the blog to just focus on your business. Make it about the audience with what they would like to read.

Helps with link building

Backlinks are a crucial factor in SEO. Valuable Blogs not only help customers but also other companies. They can add your link which will act as a recommendation and inform Google that you are a trustworthy source.

Summing Up

Blogs provide long-term benefits as they are on the web to provide valuable information since they are posted. Besides these benefits, the major reason you need to have a blog is that your customers expect you to!

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What are the benefits of Pinterest for business?

Which is that one platform we can use for hours without feeling guilty about it?

Using social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook start making us feel unproductive after some time. However, this is not the case with Pinterest.

The platform provides immense inspiration, entertainment, and even information. It does everything aesthetically and in a very pleasing and appealing manner.

One can pin content to boards to refer to them in the future, use them as inspiration, or share them with their friends, and purchase products too. It is these attractive features and content that make the platform have more than 450 million monthly active users.

Besides this,  90% of its large user base says that they are using the platform to make purchases. Additionally, Pinterest has a great reputation and 8 out of 10 people believe that it makes them feel positive. So,  with a significant proportion of users ready to make purchases, it has an immense scope as a platform for businesses.

Why should you use Pinterest for business?
Image Source: WWD

This can be proved by how there has been a major increase in companies that have joined the platform, including many Fortune 500 companies.

Before diving more into Pinterest for Business, it’s important to know the functionality of the platform and address some basic questions.

What is Pinterest and how does it function?

Pinterest is a social media platform that allows its users to explore, save and share visual content which is usually – inspiring, entertaining, or informative.

Why is SMS Marketing not a thing of the past?

Our inboxes today are simply overflowing – be it with our emails or text messages. The latter seems like a thing of the past. With hundreds of marketing messages that we signed up for once, we choose to ignore the pile of such similar messages. However, this doesn’t mean you don’t check your inbox at all.

We don’t ignore all the messages, at least not from our personal contacts. The ones ignored and forgotten can be pharmacy alerts, promos, mobile service, etc. With such experiences, one might consider SMS marketing not effective anymore. But what we need to remember is that it’s 2021 and people are more glued to their phones than ever before.

The fact mentioned above doesn’t change our treatment of promotional messages. But there are many other kinds of text messages too. The core point here is that people always keep their phones handy to get updates. This can be from anywhere – social media, news agencies, brands they signed up to. 

If you are still wondering who will check a message in the times of Email, then here’s an important statistic:

Open rates for texts are extremely higher than emails. It is 98% in comparison to a mere 20% for the latter. 

One important thing to remember here is that mobile advertising works but only if your message reaches the consumer’s inbox. Additionally, your advertisement should be mobile-optimised. This will allow your message to distinguish itself from the thousands of ignored messages and get a positive return on investment.

Almost every online marketer considers SMS marketing old and ineffective because they think it’s more regulated than email marketing. But this is a myth. Some well-planned targeted tactics and strategies can help you bring conversions, clients, and consequently revenue. However, there are many more reasons to invest in SMS marketing. Some of them are discussed in the next section.

Why should you invest in SMS marketing?

Texting provides the best engagement rate from all the marketing mediums

Emails can be left unchecked for days, at times even weeks. Phone calls can go unanswered. But text messages are almost read immediately. This was proved by the open rates mentioned previously. The average Click-through rate for PPC ads is terrible at 2%.

All this points out SMS marketing is underrated. But the issue that arises here is that it’s unethical and illegal to send unsolicited messages through this type of marketing. One needs to write an opt-in which allows customers to choose what they want ahead.

Customers can easily choose to opt-in or using their mobile phones. However, there are technologies that allow customers to opt-in seamlessly to a company’s messaging subscriber list. So, this can be easily used to reach customers.

Text Messages mean Immediate Delivery

The thing about any technique based on mobile marketing is that it is based on speed. Just consider SMS marketing. It’s so fast that once you press the “send” button, your message goes out instantly.

This means if you decide to set up a campaign, then you can have hundreds of clicks within a few minutes.

Interactive content can drive returns

The benefit of using mobile marketing is that it makes feedback possible. Recipients of the message can simply tap on the link or the ‘reply’ button.

This way your quick and simple messages can direct your subscribers to your website. However, the key here is to be creative and attract the customers

SMS marketing allows you to add a personal touch 

Another benefit of sending a text message is that it is an informal medium of communication. Consequently, it offers you the great opportunity of personalizing the message.

Many brands prefer friendly and personal terms like “friends”, “I” and “you” to create a good relationship to benefit their business. There are many opportunities to experiment with SMS. From personalized messages to directing users to fun games, these interactive ways can help to track every step of the conversion process.

Text Marketing is trackable

There are numerous texting platforms that allow us to manage text marketing campaigns from even a desktop. Such a platform will allow access to comprehensive analytics to track each step in the conversion process – from the delivery to the opening.

How to build an effective SMS Marketing Strategy?

To reap the benefits of SMS marketing, it’s important to update your SMS marketing strategy with the following:

Know your goals and your audience

Why is SMS Marketing not a thing of the past?
Image Source: Voicesage

Even if people quickly sign up for your messages, they have the option to opt out. This makes it important to be aware of your goals and what your audience is looking for. An approach like this will help you reach your objective and customers will receive the content they want to see. Additionally. it will also help you avoid sending meaningless texts that get ignored.

Be consistent and meet their expectations

While operating a text marketing campaign, it’s important to remember that subscribers trust you with their contact information. This demands you to be transparent about what you will send and how often will you text them. So, stay consistent with what they’re expecting.

Use Coupons or Special Deals

Designs campaigns offering exclusive deals or coupons. Generating unique coupon codes will not allow non-subscribers to take advantage of your deal. Instead, they will have to subscribe to avail the benefit of the deal. Consequently, it will fulfil your purpose.

Use Polls

Another interactive method to obtain meaningful data from your customers is to conduct polls. People can cast their votes. With the information gathered with time, one can get feedback to improve their functioning too.

Summing Up

It’s a truth that our inboxes are full of text messages. This is the kind of behaviour one has to restrain from if they want to leverage the advantage of SMS Marketing. The key to run a successful SMS campaign is to do less and get more. Start by asking significant questions regarding the use and frequency of your messages.

There are many useful marketing techniques beyond messaging. To employ these strategies, contact Shaktiki today.