How to improve your Digital Marketing during the Festive Season?

From the annual Diwali festivities in India to Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas all across the UK and the USA. The festive season or the holiday season is around the corner everywhere around the world. Hence, both as an individual and a business owner, it is time to fasten your seat belts to make the most out of the upcoming season. We say digital marketing during the upcoming season is, undoubtedly, a force to reckon with. Read on to know why.

It is easy to faultily believe that the festive season is directly proportional to a boost in sales and revenue without having to invest much in your products’ marketing. 

On the contrary, the festive season is also directly proportional to an increase in the variety of products available. That basically means increased competition in the market. On the contrary, an active presence in the digital realm will help many customers, looking to lock in last-minute gifts, direct their attention towards your business. Hence, digital marketing during the festive season should top your to-do list of things to do for your business. Now that we are here, we know exactly what not to do. Let us delve into the endless possibilities of how to harness the power of holiday marketing to the maximum. 

1. Planned Social Media Presence

For most of us, the festive season means a significant increase in our leisure time which naturally leads to an increased social media presence. This is single-handedly the biggest advantage handed over to small businesses on a platter. The icing on the cake is the onset of the itch to look for and buy gifts for both our loved ones and ourselves. Digital marketing never becomes more important than done during the festive season. Hence, it is only essential that businesses plan a comprehensive social media calendar well in advance.

What to do?

Maintaining a social media calendar is a must. Finish planning ideally by the end of the first week in October. And maintain a regular inflow of posts by the second week of October. That is mostly when the shopping commences. Needless to mention, SEO-optimized content takes the front seat when it comes to showcasing your products. 

It is also advised that businesses invest give a personal touch to their feeds by talking about various beliefs, traditions and rituals associated with the respective festival in the subject. For example, if you are a cutlery seller in the UK, you can talk about how having a dinner set meant especially to be used only on Thanksgiving is a tradition that everyone should follow. 

Also, invoke a sense of joy and nostalgia combined by putting up customer testimonies from the past years showing your products in use in real life. Invest in getting your products photographed in a homely aesthetic. 

2. Strategise, foolproof Ad Campaigns

Ads form a very essential part of your digital marketing plan all year around, why not make the best of them during the upcoming festive season? Thoughtfully curated campaigns that showcase your products in the cosiest of familial or social settings is a must.

What to do?

Make sure you plan and submit your ads for approval in a planned and timely fashion. There are basically two categories of ads that are a must to adhere to. An exclusive range of ads illustrated for products created especially for the festive season. And ads that convincingly display your range of festive coupons and discounts. Sometimes combining the two works great as well. This goes a long way in boosting sales and creating a strong customer base. Draw curtains on the festive season with a hint of what you might have in store for your customers in the new year. It is as important as welcoming the festive season with a wide range of ad campaigns showing your products and offers. 

What’s most important is knowing the kinds of ads that work for you. It is necessary to pick and allot the agenda to your ads carefully. Avoid going all in because it would only end up diluting the overall reach of your brand. 

Unskippable Email Marketing

Besides social media, it is via email marketing that you can effectively showcase all that your brand has to offer in an organised fashion. Emails are something that one can access anywhere and everywhere, hence it is of utmost importance that all your emails are designed to impress anyone at any time.

What to do?

Make sure your email database has your historical customer data along with those who just shopped from you once. Attach a personalised subject line instead of one which directly talks about selling. Wish your customers on the day of a festival. Establish modes of one-on-one communication to help your customers reach you. This will surely help them identify with your brand in the long run. It is highly advisable to send a thank you email once you bid adieu to the festive season.

Importance of Interacting

Be it via social media or emails or a chat-bot on your side, interaction with your customers during the time of the year when they literally need you the most drives your sales goals home most seamlessly. A phased interaction invokes a sense of belonging in your customers. It also helps them establish a long-term relationship with your brand. 

What to do?

Before the holiday season, it is important that you know the kinds of expectations that your customers might have of you. This will not only help you tailor your products effectively but also help you omit unnecessary products that might not work for you. During the holidays, it is your duty to help your customers stay in touch with all that you have to offer. Including the variety of discounts or other kinds of offers, you might have planned. Wishing them on the day of the respective festival is non-negotiable. Post the holidays, make sure you thank your customers for their support. Do not miss out on dropping in hints as to what you have in store for them in the upcoming year. 

It is also of essence that you do not end up bothering your customers more than the optimal requirement. Lest it should invoke a sense of annoyance in them. 

In conclusion

The holiday season has a lot to offer to everyone. Make sure you are ready to gather all that and more. Allot both your resources and efforts to your marketing in time and in the right quantity. Stay updated with the latest trends in the realm of digital marketing. At the same time be wary of strategies that did not and do not work for you. Wishing you a merry marketing time for the holiday season! Want more tips on how to harness digital marketing for the upcoming festive reason? Contact us at Shaktiki today to book a free consultation call.