Which are the best marketing campaigns of all time?

A major turning point in the history of the world was the expansion of trade and to be specific overseas trade. Today, the modern world is a commercial place. Commerce knows no borders. Business is booming in the sense that a person in India is using a smartphone of an American company. While the phone might be manufactured in China.

How does an Indian know about this product? What makes people willing to spend a whole lot of money to buy products? How are companies today constantly able to expand their customer base?

Marketing campaigns that make a difference

Even if you lack interest in business and commerce, there are still great chances that you are familiar with the word ‘marketing’. However, it cannot be defined as a mere process essential for a company.

Marketing serves the basic purpose of allowing a customer with the required details about the products or the services. Additionally, it provides a fertile playing field for small businesses to compete against big names. While we all are familiar that it helps in increasing sales and hence expand a business, we need to remember it does more than that.

“Marketing today is not a function; it is a way of doing business. Marketing is not a new ad campaign or this month’s promotion… Its job is not to fool the customers, nor to falsify the company’s image. It is to integrate the customer into the design of the product and to design a systematic process for interaction that will create substance in the relationship.”

– Regis McKenna

The existing customers engage constantly with the company through its marketing tactics. It keeps a conversation going without any physical interaction. This forms a bond intrinsic to the modern idea of running a business. But marketing should also be valued for allowing growth. Marketing strategies can target potential customers and turn them to actual customers. This elevates marketing to an art, a creative process that has become essential in the modern sphere.

Some companies started marketing campaigns that understood the importance of advertising. It is these companies that initiated a conversation with customers who responded well to them. They can be a source of great motivation and knowledge. So, here are some of the most successful marketing campaigns of all time:

Nike’s Just Do It.

If you want to buy a pair of running shoes today, then which brand you will instantly choose to rely on? Most of you will pick a pair of Nike shoes.

Today the brand dominates the athletic apparel industry. However, it did not have the same status before. There was a point when the company only catered to marathon runners. On the other hand, Reebok was selling more sneakers than Nike. Yet Nike aimed to climb to the top spot and created the “Just Do It” campaign. The late 80s was a period of growing national fitness movement. Their campaign motivated people to push beyond their limits. Superstar athletes like Michael Jordan backed the campaign. As a result, the slogan became one of the most recognisable. The campaign was relatable in the sense that it recognised everyone’s dilemma of not feeling like working out. Nike provided their customers with the answer – ” Just Do It”.

Marketing Campaigns: What did they do different?

The impact of this marketing campaign was noteworthy. Nike’s sales were at $800 million in 1998. It surpassed $9.2 billion by 1998.

Coca-Cola’s Share a Coke

The race in the business world is constant. It’s not only small companies that are forced to think creatively and act differently. Big brands also face this need to constantly attract and engage customers. This is why Coca-Cola started the ‘Share a Coke’ marketing campaign.

The campaign which started in Australia in 2011 appealed to customers as it printed names on each bottle. Coca-Cola personalised each bottle with the most 150 most popular names in the country. The United States followed the example and printed first names across its bottles and cans. People could even order custom bottles on the company’s website.

Marketing Campaigns: What did they do different?

This functioned as a breaking story across the marketing industry. Moreover, the campaign gained immediate attention and attracted a large number of customers.

Volkswagen’s Think Small (1960)

Marketing and advertising professionals often call Volkswagen’s “Think Small” the gold standard. A legendary advertising group at Doyle Dane & Bernbach (DDB) created it in 1960. The company faced a major challenge. It answered a greater question about how to change people’s perceptions of an entire group of people.

Americans were always inclined to buy big American cars. Despite 15 years after the end of the second world war, they still never bought small German cars. This is why the company decided to play right into people’s expectations.

Marketing Campaigns: What did they do different?

You think I’m small? Yeah, I am. Volkswagen never tried to portray themselves as something they were not. The campaign taught that customers recognise, appreciate and value honesty.

Google’s Year in Search (2017)

Some companies create an advertisement that’s so true and powerful to forget.

Year in Search started in 2009 and serves as a written report of the most common Google searches over the past 12 months. Then Google adopted it for a three-minute video. This serves as a reminder of how much everyone is dependent on Google.

Google’s advertising campaign then reminds customers that they care. It unites everyone and promotes an uplifting message of how everyone’s usage of the company’s products reflects the best in all.

De Beers’ A Diamond is Forever (1999)

De Beers built the industry. It presented the idea that no marriage is complete without a diamond ring. Hence, they made diamond rings a necessary luxury. This teaches an important marketing lesson that advertising is beneficial even for luxurious products that portray them as a necessity.

These are marketing campaigns designed for different mediums. While earlier advertising was an expensive affair, today it’s not. The digital space has expanded at an unbelievable rate. Online medium provides an advantage to all its users. The ever-growing business world entered the digital sphere and so did marketers. But if you haven’t, then this is the time to switch to digital marketing!

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