Why is Community Marketing so important?

If you’re looking to start a new business, you should be aware that competition is intense, regardless of industry. You must think of specific techniques to properly market your brand in order to attract the right audience. To begin, one of the most effective marketing tactics is community building or community marketing.

Community marketing is a brand growth strategy that focuses on bringing customers together around a topic that is aligned with your brand in an engaging and non-intrusive manner that prioritises your customers. It might help you demonstrate to your audience that you are committed to building genuine connections and relationships with the community you are attempting to serve.

Along with similar interests, the foundation of communities is a sense of belonging and emotional connection.

Furthermore, communities are not new, but their definition has changed from the old concept of a group of people living in the same geographical area. Indeed, the virtual world has enabled communities to form and grow without the necessity for face-to-face contact.

Communities can now exist via online forums, social media, blogs, podcasts, and a plethora of other digital venues.

Why Community Marketing?

Humans have an inbuilt want for connection, and there is a growing body of psychological study that investigates how profound that desire is. It has been demonstrated that people’s brains are most rewarded when they connect meaningfully with others.

Social links are essential to our pleasure and success, from our family and friends to our neighbourhood and our work team. So much so that when we are socially isolated for an extended period of time, our brains literally begin to weaken. Community marketing is giving a wonderful opportunity for marketers now more than ever, following the COVID-19 pandemic-induced lockdowns around the world. It also implies that there is a lot more to generating brand growth and consumer engagement.

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Also, keep in mind that buyers have practically limitless options in today’s market, and businesses can’t win just on features and pricing. It’s why consumer brands like Sephora have prioritised community in their growth strategies. It’s also why of late we’ve seen many IPOs including Roblox, Duolingo, and Poshmark. It helps them lead with their communities and demonstrate how important they are to their success.

Components of Community Marketing

The level of cohesiveness, interactivity, and specialisation of communities can vary greatly. However, the following elements are common to all community marketing initiatives:

1. A collection of people who have similar interests and hobbies
2. An innate sense of belonging and connection to something larger than oneself
3. People come to one other’s aid because of a sense of caring for members of the community
4. Interaction areas shared by the community, or a collection of shared practises that bring the group together and strengthen its culture

How to develop the perfect Community Marketing strategy?

Perceived usefulness, trust, and dedication are some of the important variables driving community success and improving member satisfaction.

A sense of loyalty and emotional connection is also essential. Members should have a sense of companionship with their fellow members, share information on a regular basis, and encourage membership to others.

We highlight the fundamental steps for establishing a community marketing strategy based on these characteristics.

1. Define the community’s purpose and focus

A community marketing plan must begin with a clear statement of purpose and focus. This description serves as the framework for community marketers to create activities with a defined direction.

Furthermore, activities that are linked with a community’s declared purpose and achieve its objectives shape and improve members’ happiness and commitment levels.

2. Create trust and authority

Building trust is critical in societies where the exchange of knowledge is essential. Members demand information that is truthful, reliable, and not skewed toward commercial goals.

As a result, community marketing initiatives should strive to avoid spam at all costs. This can have a significant impact on reputation and perceived authenticity. Owners of communities can disseminate information from trustworthy sources such as media publications or trade periodicals. They should also enlist the help of opinion leaders with extensive knowledge of the subject.

3. Encourage member involvement and networking

Importantly, community marketing plans should incorporate the development and promotion of areas for member engagement. In reality, in the virtual world, this might include social media platforms like LinkedIn, chat services like Slack or Discord, or discussion websites like Reddit.

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In any case, community marketers should consider maintaining constant interactions with members, such as daily introductions of new members, or resort to contest marketing tactics such as quizzes and polls.

A community marketing approach should also include networking among members to reinforce a natural sense of kinship.

4. Host events

Hosting events is an excellent method to bring a community together and create emotional bonds among members.

Indeed, events are not only places to discuss pertinent themes and develop ideas, but they are also one-of-a-kind environments in which long-lasting relationships can be built. A potential combination with experiential marketing could bring a significant boost to your marketing plan.

Events can also encourage connection and engagement by utilising features like live chats, breakout rooms, and gamification. Furthermore, virtual and video-driven events increase accessibility and reach while allowing for quality interactions and meetings, bringing human emotions to the forefront.

Examples to learn from

  • Duolingo provides a platform for users to discuss their doubts, struggles, and tips. It also gives fluent tutors a platform to host events centred on small groups for improved speaking practice and personalised feedback.
  • Sephora’s Beauty Talk is a vast, well-organized forum where users can ask questions, discuss ideas, and have their beauty conundrums addressed by other beauty experts.Sephora's community looking beautiful | Consumer Value Creation
  • My Starbucks Idea by Starbucks allows coffee fans to share and discuss their ideas.The 'My Starbucks Idea' website invites ideas from consumers, and has... | Download Scientific Diagram

Concluding thoughts

Creating an interactive community requires significant upfront effort. Though, once in place, it provides a gold mine of potential for marketing teams. Community marketing can take many forms and has numerous advantages. It is, however, very personalised. It is not always obvious how to get started and implement successful strategies. However, as more organisations master online communities, the virtual world will undoubtedly see the development and utilisation of many more online communities.

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What are the most important elements of a dental website?

According to popular belief, the world is now in our hands, and knowledge is at our fingertips. Many people spend the majority of their time online.  Given the amount of time consumers spend on the internet, businesses have followed suit. Having a website for business owners, doctors, and professionals in any sector, as well as a social media presence, has become critical. Hence, having an optimal dental website has never been more important.

Did you know that the average individual decides whether or not to buy a product or use a service in less than 15 seconds? It’s not enough to get them to click on a link to your website. You need a one-of-a-kind dentist website that attracts and holds their attention. Crafting an effective dentistry website that communicates your purpose, vision, values, brand, services, and company goals is a tedious process.

The design aspects of your dental website should have an informative and engaging presence. It should cover a wide range of themes and highlight your services. The usage of excellent images, social media links, blog entries, and a fantastic user experience are all critical to the success of your marketing efforts.

Importance of Dental Websites for Dentists

Your dental website serves as your online headquarters. The websites of dentists are frequently the first stop for potential patients. You risk losing potential patients if your website lacks an accessibility menu, patient dental reviews and testimonials, and clear explanations of the services you provide.

Because a great website involves rigorous SEO to help visitors locate your website, dental practises with great websites receive more traffic than those with mediocre websites. The majority of people use Google to identify service providers. A well-optimized site can appear in Google’s search results as a headline.

A well-designed and easy-to-use website will help you narrow the competition and help you stand out.

Elements of a Good Dental Website

The following list provides a good starting point of 8 things that we recommend to any dentist looking to delve into designing their website.

1. The Quintessential Pages

The following four pages or sections should always be present on the finest dental websites:

a) About Us

The “About Us” page provides an overview of your practice. It can help you establish yourself as an industry leader and foster relationships with your patients. It’s your chance to convey your storey and start connecting with your patients on a personal level.

b) Contact Us

Every page should have basic contact information in the header and footer, and your Contact Us page should be comprehensive. One-tap calling should be available on your website so that individuals seeing it on their smartphones can call you without having to leave the site and key in your phone number. It should at the very least include:

  • Your working hours
  • Social media links
  • Your complete address and phone number
  • Directions to your clinic on a map

c) Patient Form

Including a patient form page on your website is one of the simplest methods to ease the onboarding of new patients. Patients will be able to complete their papers online before coming into your clinic. It’s simple to integrate your intake forms into your website using a plug-in.

d) Services

Your service pages should answer the questions people ask about your practice and the services you provide. The service page also allows visitors to make informed decisions. You should include pictures or an explainer video for each service, particularly if your practice offers cutting-edge treatments that patients may not be familiar with.

2. Clear Call to Action

A compelling call-to-action should appear on every page of your website, encouraging visitors to book an appointment or phone your office. Consider introducing a new patient offer, such as a complimentary cleaning or teeth whitening session for new customers, to motivate individuals to contact. Your calls to action, as well as your opt-in form for collecting email addresses, should be mobile-friendly.

3. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

The key to getting your dental website to rank on Google, Bing, and other search engines is search engine optimization (SEO). It’s also essential for successful dental marketing. It has a significant impact on the visibility of your website and the return on investment of your dental marketing.

4. Testimonials

Testimonials from delighted patients show that you can keep your word about providing high-quality dental care. Outsiders are more likely to trust information if your patients remark about how great your practice is at providing excellent service, polite and sensitive care, and exceptional results. They can also assist you in increasing referrals and expanding your practice.

5. A Blog

Google has rewarded sites that post high-quality SEO optimised content. Blogs have an impact on SEO and search engine ranking while also increasing the appeal of a dental website to visitors. A blog is a fantastic method to establish yourself as an expert in your subject. Your blog can be used to introduce your team, explain services, and provide important dental hygiene advice. Decorate your content with as many images and videos as possible. It is imperative that you stick with originally shot photos and videos instead of relying on stock options.

6. Social Sharing Buttons

Linking your dental practice’s social media accounts can assist your website to receive more social media signals. It influences how well your website ranks. The more well-known your brand is on social media, the more high-quality backlinks you’ll receive.

7. Live Chat & FAQs

Live chat is an excellent way to respond to questions quickly and in real-time. Chatbot technology can be used to deliver responses to popular questions. If you don’t have the resources for live chat, make sure you have a comprehensive FAQ page and, where applicable, links to self-service solutions.

8. Mobile Friendly

Because the majority of searches are conducted via mobile devices or virtual assistants, mobile-friendliness is critical. From the patient’s standpoint, whatever you can do to make your mobile website feel like a mobile app is useful.

To guarantee that both new and existing patients have a seamless experience when navigating your website on their mobile devices, your mobile site should be thoroughly evaluated for UX.

Summing Up

The design of your website is one of the most critical variables in determining whether it will be a success or not. It has an effect on the efficiency of your website. Make use of as many photographs and videos as you can.

Invariably keep in mind that the first impression is almost always the last impression. Each of the aforementioned factors will contribute to your website being appealing to visitors, simple to use, and a perfect representation of your business and the high-quality dental services you offer.

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What are the best Dental Marketing strategies?

For dental practices, acquiring new patients on a consistent basis is critical. According to one study, a dentist requires at least 20 new patients per month to grow and succeed. This is when digital marketing comes to your rescue, especially choosing the right dental marketing strategies.

Consumers sought answers about how their dentist would protect them from exposure during and after 2020. The behind-the-scenes measures in place to secure the safety of their customers became a marketing focal point all of a sudden.

Finding the right balance in dental practice marketing is crucial as 2022 approaches. It’s time to embrace the power of telehealth and communication via digital channels if you haven’t already.

Best Dental Marketing Strategies

1. Design and Optimize your Website

The 10 best dental website designers for hire in 2021 - 99designsEven if you have the most gorgeous brick-and-mortar dental clinic in London, it won’t matter if you don’t have an A+ website. Your dental care is judged by the looks and performance of your website, just as it is by the initial impression your patients have when they walk into your clinic. In fact, 94 per cent of website visitors base their decision on the design of a company’s website. This is also true for mobile devices.

The first step is to build and optimise a beautiful, user-friendly website. Here are some things to bear in mind while you’re at it:

  • Make it simple for individuals to find the information they need
  • Without utilising jargon or technical terminology, provide the most important information about your services
  • Maintain a regular blog
  • Present a design that is straightforward, consistent, and user-centred
  • Provide authoritative content that assists patients in maintaining dental health and practising proper oral hygiene
  • Introduces your dentists, employees, and the atmosphere in which they work
  • Allows you to schedule appointments online quickly and easily
  • Showcases social proof such as patient testimonies and reviews
  • Patients can contact the dentist immediately through online chat and other messaging options

2. Promising Results with PPC

Dental advertisement flyer Template | PosterMyWallPPC (pay-per-click) ads position your clinic at the top of the search engine results page (SERP), where potential patients are most likely to see it. Instead of waiting for people to discover you, you can choose the time, place, and age of the individuals you want to target—and see results right now. Google Ads and Facebook Ads are both great examples of PPC ads.

PPC, on the other hand, is based on a lot of strategy and science. You’ll wind up wasting money and not obtaining the greatest results if you don’t have the skills or time to stay on top of it.

  • To that end, here are seven advertising best practices to follow:
  • Create a strong keyword strategy
  • Make fantastic PPC landing pages
  • Ads should be targeted based on specific regions

3. Set up your GMB page

How to Optimize Your Dental Office Google My Business ListingOne of the most efficient dental marketing strategies is to create a Google My Business (GMB) account page. In essence, your Google My Business listing is a trusted source of information about your dental practice – location, hours, images, and so on – that Google integrates into multiple search experiences. As you might expect, a thorough and robust Google My Business page can help your clinic appear in a variety of Google search results, including patients actively looking for a dentist.

You’ll need to optimise your GMB page after you’ve built it by filling out each area. This is critical since Google’s Local Map Pack immediately syncs all of the information from your GMB page. After you’ve built or renewed your GMB, you should focus on two things:

  • Post content on a regular basis (new offers, special details, etc.)
  • Increase the number of reviews for your practice

4. Have a foolproof SEO strategy

To be found online by patients looking for dental care, you must invest in a long-term SEO strategy that includes an optimised web design and a Google My Business page. When patients use a search engine, ranking at the top of page one entails refining your site’s page layout, linking to authoritative websites, optimising URLs, meta descriptions, and picture alt-tags, providing unique content, and adding keywords.

5. Ace your social media marketing game

5 ideas to take your dental social media to the next level | PatientPopMore than 3.5 billion individuals use social media platforms every day, and more than 54% of these people utilise social media to investigate products before making a purchase. Facebook has a daily active user base of about 1.79 billion people.

Your boat will sail if you think beyond the box. If you have a charismatic dentist or dental technician, you may make short Instagram Reels or TikTok videos that refute common myths or address current trends from a position of authority.

  • Here are some ideas for making the most of your social media accounts:
  • Remind folks of the dental advantages they’re paying for but aren’t taking advantage of
  • Make images and videos of the before and after
  • Make infographics that are easy to consume
  • Create video content
  • Start running social media ads

Dental marketing mistakes to stay away from

Let’s take a quick look at some tactics that don’t work now that you know about the top dental marketing strategies that work. These dental marketing blunders should be avoided at all costs.

Not keeping pace with change

Digital dental marketing is a constantly changing field, and you must remain on top of it to be relevant. Otherwise, your practice will be left in the dust by the fierce competition. Pay attention to current events and make changes to your campaign as needed. Any organisation must have an up-to-date marketing strategy.

Not keeping track of your results

The secret to a successful dental marketing campaign is to stay on top of it. You’ll never know which aspects of your campaign are working or not if you don’t track their performance and results. Or if you’re getting a decent return on your investment.

Choose your key performance indicators (KPIs) ahead of time. Maintain a content calendar to ensure that you don’t lose sight of helpful practices. Tracking your outcomes, regardless of the tracking programme you use, puts a spotlight on your marketing efforts.

Not managing your online reputation

Your practice’s online reputation can make or kill it. Furthermore, internet reviews are an important ranking signal for SEO.

You should not only encourage your patients to submit reviews, but you should also reply to every piece of criticism you receive. If you’re responding to happy customers, address them by name and thank them right away. You should also respond swiftly to unfavourable criticism, address them by name, and apologise for not achieving their expectations.


You’re already behind the curve if you’re debating whether or not to devote extra time and resources to your digital marketing plan. There are a lot of dental providers on the internet. There’s a lot of competition for potential customers’ eyes and ears. You’ll be ahead of your competitors in no time if you execute the aforementioned techniques and keep an eye out for any potential drawbacks.

Contact us at Shaktiki today and we will help you implement the right dental marketing strategy for the growth of your firm.