What makes guerrilla marketing so effective?

Marketing has progressed from old publicity methods. There is an increasing need for marketers to brainstorm new innovative methods every day. However, every marketing strategy employed remains centred around customers or functions as an attempt to grab their attention. It is this interest that can lead from sparking curiosity to brand awareness. This might turn into customer action and even brand loyalty. All of this starts with gaining attention and starting a conversation about the company and its products or services. Starting this conversation is difficult for every brand. If you are a company trying to figure out the same, then there is a strategy for this called ‘Guerrilla Marketing’.

What is guerrilla marketing?

Marketer Jay Conrad Levinson introduced the formal term in his book named “Guerrilla Marketing ” in 1984. In this book, he suggests some different ways of addressing and opposing the standard methods of advertising.

Along with that, the book introduced guerrilla marketing that employs unconventional strategies instead of regular tactics in order to work in a small budget. It was during this time that consumers were getting bored with the usual radio, television and print advertisements which were on the rise. Consequently, Levison emphasised on the need of surprising even shocking, clever and unusual campaigns. This can include customers being targeted in the most unusual locations to add the surprise or shock element. Most importantly, this type of marketing follows no rules but focuses on being as creative as possible to make the experience of customers ‘memorable’. All of these attempts generate a buzz around the brand and its products or services.

Beyond the marketer’s rulebook

The concept behind guerrilla marketing is derived from guerrilla warfare which involves some unconventional tactics. On one hand, traditional forms of marketing play safe and follow guidelines. While guerrilla marketing, in a way, is not about following rules. It is focused on bringing out the most innovative ways which require creative efforts and approach, that cannot be executed with a rulebook in hand.

It can utilise popular culture and practices but mostly it is concerned with everything that matters to its audience. Instead of allocating huge amounts of budgets, it stresses on a trio of energy, creativity and time. If the designed campaign is able to attract and engage then it can be termed successful. With the advent of the internet, it can be more beneficial because the same can go viral on the internet and generate millions of likes, comments and views. In short, multiplied attention. Moreover, such marketing gives an open canvas to marketers with permission to don’t bother about the rules.

Types of guerrilla marketing

Considering how this type of marketing is based on creativity, its types are ever-growing. Some of them are listed below:

  • Stealth marketing strategy
  • Reverse graffiti strategy
  • Ambient marketing strategy
  • Viral or buzz marketing strategy
  • Ambush marketing strategy
  • Wild posting
  • Projection advertising

Why choose guerrilla marketing for your business?

With a pool of marketing strategies, it’s necessary to choose the correct one suitable for your business that meets your requirements. So here’s why you should choose guerrilla marketing and how it can benefit your brand:


Marketing can be a very expensive process which makes it difficult for small companies to publicise themselves in the way big companies do. However, this type of marketing can be great for both as it demands less investment.

While simultaneously, it has great chances of creating immense buzz and starting the process of customer action and profits for the brand. Hence, it’s a cost-effective tactic that provides a similar platform to every brand irrespective of their size.

Attracting and expanding customer base

The concept of guerrilla marketing is based on this very need. Companies need to grab attention in order to further the process into customer action. The buzz generated through the surprise element helps attract a potential customer base. Also, an old customer will be motivated to spread the word about their preferred brand and paint a positive picture. In conclusion, the goal of brand awareness is achieved.

Additionally, brands might receive collaboration offers which can in turn expand their business.

Guaranteed memorable experience

In a world of extreme competition, where a customer can turn to so many other brands for the same product or service, it’s important to do something extraordinary. Marketing efforts are thus focused on making the customer remember about the brand with some unique creative efforts. In this case, guerrilla marketing can be the perfect resort to design a campaign to impress and attract the public. A successful memorable campaign has a long-lasting impact on consumers which can easily turn into profits for companies.

How interesting are these campaigns?

The answer is extremely interesting! Just read the examples mentioned below:


The company’s creative marketing team worked on this really unique idea where they created a pop-up store which looked like their signature blue shoeboxes. This unusual structure attracted a huge crowd and they also admired the brilliant marketing strategy.

Guerrilla marketing helped Adidas in creating a buzz which allowed people to converse about the brand.


Customers are fond of brands that make their life comfortable and convenient. Working on this, IBM designed a creative idea where they turned their advertisements into usable outdoor furniture. A bench, ramp and umbrella at different strategic locations helped in gaining popularity. Additionally, it offered people a convenient outdoor experience.


What if you come across a pole with an animal, you will be shocked. This is exactly what Sarova did.

A fake animal on the pole would naturally point out to the motto of their campaign – SAVE THE TREES. It was indeed a daring move but proved truly effective.

How we can help

Guerrilla marketing can be an extremely refreshing marketing strategy but it can create blunders. This demands a marketer to work carefully on the plan too. However, it gives marketers the opportunity to marketers to align their values with that of consumers in a creative way.

For more such marketing knowledge and help in developing the current strategy for your brand, contact us at Shaktiki. Let’s get creative on your marketing strategy now!