Why does influencer marketing work?

Earlier there used to be a difference between our real life and digital life. But today that difference is reducing at an enormous rate. All spheres of our life are significantly shifting to screens. The coronavirus pandemic fastened this transfer. However, one can’t deny that this digital life was already approaching us.

The influence of social media on people of all ages has increased tremendously. Consequently, it means the influence of people on social media has also increased. This forms the basis of what we call “influencers”.

Who are influencers?

The world has witnessed an upsurge in the number of people using social media. There were 3.484 billion people on social media as per the We Are Social report released in January 2019. This does not mean that these billions of people are just simply users. Social media has elevated some of them to what we now call “influencers” or what we can simply call social media celebrities. However, there is a difference between celebrities and influencers.

Influencers have built a name for their expertise and knowledge on a specific topic. They post content around that topic on different social media platforms. These efforts generate a considerable amount of enthusiastic audience interested in what these influencers have to say. This makes influencers a new crucial player in the world of marketing. Hence, influencer marketing is the new trend.

What is influencer marketing?

This is a new type of marketing that has recently gained popularity. Most importantly, it is the most trending marketing trend of recent years, including 2021! So what exactly is it?

Influencer marketing is a type of marketing strategy that uses major personalities from their industry to promote a company’s message to a larger market. In this way, the company does not directly market their products or services. Rather this type of marketing becomes an indirect way of hiring influencers.

This marketing strategy works with a combination of other forms of marketing, like social media marketing and content marketing. These influencer campaigns can have the company providing the content or the influencers creating the content themselves.

Brands are fond of these personalities called ‘social media influencers’ as they are capable of starting trends. Additionally, influencers constantly interact with their audience while talking about a specific topic. This means they have closer relationships with the public which for a business are potential customers. Consequently, they also possess the power to affect the purchasing decisions of their audience. This has made influencer marketing a new and profitable strategy.

Some of the most successful influencer marketing campaigns include Mariott’s campaign with YouTube influencer Jeana Smith.

Influencer Marketing: The way to trust and growth

Another interesting example can be Google hiring two DIY-focused micro-influencers behind the @thesorrygirls to promote the new Pixelbook.

Influencer marketing – every brand’s favourite strategy

In the current times, setting up a production unit is far easier than selling the goods or services. There is heavy competition in every market. With so many choices, a consumer has been forced to choose between brands. This has led to a demand for systematic and interactive marketing strategies. Every brand is working on creating relevant content. While many succeed in doing so, the competition still remains tough.

According to statistics revealed by Google in 2015, about 56% of paid digital ad impressions are never even seen. Whereas DoubleClick shared in 2015 that 62% of consumers trust brands less. Such statistics point out that conventional digital marketing tactics are not working anymore.

Just recall how many times have you been tired of online marketing messages or advertisements. Before the advent of these strategies, one of the most popular marketing methods were the advertisements which ran on television or radios or billboards. These are comparatively unpopular methods because of several reasons including high budget requirements. But most importantly, people get tired of hearing companies talking about their own products. Celebrities from the film and sports industry helped take sales to new heights. But such endorsements have become very apparent.

In this scenario, influencer marketing works opposite from the traditional tactics while adding a sense of familiarity. Celebrities are known popular faces, while influencers seem more closer to life as they are common people who are just popular online. Additionally, influencers help in creating a conversation among consumers. All of this has the following benefits for a business:

Attracting new customers

Brands select influencers from their product or service category. But additionally, they can target audience groups after assessing the profile of customers. For example, a clothing company launching a plus-size line can promote themselves with the help of a body-positive influencer.

Increasing customer loyalty

An influencer’s audience sees their life closely as someone they can relate with. This is the foundation of a follower-influencer relationship. It is this authenticity earned by an influencer over a period of time, which a brand utilizes by just hiring them.

Maximum return on investment

The expense of approaching an influencer is less than a celebrity. Additionally, the hard-earned trust of the audience by an influencer makes them a loyal potential customer base.

Influencer Marketing: The way to trust and growth

So, a comparative analysis of investment and returns points out the immense scope of profits from influencer marketing.

Quit the old way

Many brands have already adopted influencer marketing, especially in the fashion industry. If you haven’t then it’s about time that you start it now. This requires following a detailed procedure in order to get good results.

Why do you need to start?

Social Media is where the conversation is brewing now. Additionally, business runs on trust is a fact. Influencers with an enthusiastic audience are the best solution for gaining trust. Brands need to realise why people follow influencers and not them. The audience is less bothered about the brand but more interested in the opinion of these popular influencers. So if you are thinking of using this tactic then remember not to force your knowledge on influencers. The audience is there, so let them give you the results.

If you want any such purpose-driven marketing solutions, then contact us at Shaktiki and let us do the magic with our marketing expertise just like an influencer!