What is Digital Word of Mouth Marketing?

The social media era’s version of simple word of mouth is what’s today called Online Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM). It is also known as word of mouth advertising. For millennia, people have used word-of-mouth marketing to promote their products. Prior to the advent of marketing, it was usual practice to select a business or service provider based on recommendations from others.

The impact of word-of-mouth marketing is nothing unique, whether it’s utilised for marketing, sales, or something else. For ages, word of mouth has been the major means of discussing and describing all topics of importance all over the world.

However, while the effectiveness of word-of-mouth marketing hasn’t changed, the methods by which we use it have. Above all, the internet has dramatically changed how we use word-of-mouth messaging as a marketing tool. The age of digital word-of-mouth and influencer marketing is what’s new and in.

The transition to the digital word of mouth marketing

Consumers are significantly more likely to listen to the opinions of their friends, family, coworkers, and social peers than they are to listen to even the most polished or convincing marketing pitch.

However, in the last decade, the internet’s growth, combined with the exponential rise of social media use, has launched formerly private word-of-mouth exchanges into the public sphere.

Word Of Mouth Marketing Transparent - Free Transparent PNG Download - PNGkeyInstead of calling a colleague or going for coffee with a trusted friend, consumers (particularly Millennials) are turning to blogs, tweeting, and visiting consumer-advocacy websites to seek answers to purchase-related problems.

Consumers rely on online reviews to make purchasing decisions for a variety of products. Even from strangers on the internet, these trusted remarks are an extremely significant element of the buying process.

Research suggests that consumers check internet reviews for local businesses in 82 per cent of cases, with 52 per cent of 18-54-year-olds claiming to ‘always’ read reviews.
Before deciding whether or not to trust a company, the average consumer reads ten reviews and spends 13 minutes and 45 seconds reading reviews.

How to build your word of mouth marketing strategy?

Providing consumers with an unforgettable experience is sometimes enough than them shouting about you and suggesting others. You should stop hoping that others would tell their friends about you. In addition, specific tactics that actively encourage people to refer are being developed.

Let’s look at some ideas to assist you in developing your strategy:

1. Produce engaging social media content

Customers or even prospective customers sharing content that the company makes available is a big aspect of digital word-of-mouth marketing these days. In other words, it allows customers to easily tell their friends and family why they favour a product or service without having to exert any effort.

Teach your audience something that will make their lives easier and that is relevant to their issues and struggles. When it comes to content creation, find a distinctive approach and don’t be afraid to go down the route less travelled. Using people’s emotions to generate shares and get people talking about your company can be quite effective.

Remember that the finest content is comprehensive but also concise. Finally, consider which of the other will best appeal to your target audience. Choose between a video and a carousel depending on your target market.

2. Share customer testimonials/reviews

People trust testimonials and internet evaluations as much as personal recommendations, according to 79 per cent of respondents in a study.

Testimonials and reviews assist consumers to feel more comfortable doing business with you by assuring them of the performance, quality, and/or worth of your claims. After all, there’s a reason it’s called social proof.

Testimonials might be written or recorded, and they can be posted on your site or gathered from other sources. Repurpose your testimonials or reviews into your marketing after you have them.

3. Create a referral program

3,364 Referral Program Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStockOffering a system of referral benefits is a terrific approach to encourage satisfied customers to take the next step and suggest people to your company. According to Texas Tech research, 83 per cent of satisfied consumers are willing to recommend a product or service, but just 29 per cent actually do so.

A successful referral programme matches the following qualities:

1. It is simple and quick to spread the word.
2. It’s beneficial to both parties (with an incentive or other benefit)
3. Measures the success of your marketing activities.

Incentivising your referral program is of utmost importance. Rewards could include anything from a discount on your next/first order to a free gift. For referring a particular amount of people, they will receive a gift card with a certain amount as credit. Similarly, people could be paid directly for recommendations. For referring others, they can also get a bonus gift with their next order.

4. Employ effective social media marketing tactics

From creating a unique brand-centred hashtag to hosting a giveaway, be open to adopting multiple strategies at a single time. Hashtag marketing is one of the most essential aspects of social media marketing. Never fail to come up with a unique hashtag to help generate your own niche which the masses recognise with. Giveaways and other contest marketing strategies are excellent word-of-mouth marketing ideas for those just starting out. They allow you to organically reach a newer audience.

Most importantly, get social on social media. Engage with your customers. You’ll have a lot of interactions with your consumers as you grow your store. A great example is an incident involving Wendy’s and the most retweeted tweet. You might hit a home run one day if you can be positive, playful, and active with them all.

5. Encourage user-generated content

The importance of user-generated content is unprecedented.

An Instagram post showing someone using your product or a blog post on their website raving about your products are examples of user-generated content. Share consumer images on social media and on product sites. Also, remember to give them credit in the post!

By regularly measuring interactions, you can ensure that this form of marketing does not come across as word-of-mouth advertising.

6. Influence via influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is for you if you’re seeking a controllable word-of-mouth marketing strategy. Also, the nice part about word of mouth marketing is that you can pay to start a conversation about your product and possibly make some purchases.

Wrapping Up

A word of caution would be to make sure your closet is devoid of any skeletons. By being the one to break terrible news, you can get ahead of any potential negative publicity. Negative remarks should not be censored, instead, make sure that the beneficial information exceeds the negative.

In terms of viral potential and cost-effectiveness, only a few marketing methods can compete with WOMM. Additionally, when it comes to word of mouth marketing, it’s not only about getting people to talk about your brand, but it’s also about converting your buyer into a devoted follower.

Why is SMS Marketing not a thing of the past?

Our inboxes today are simply overflowing – be it with our emails or text messages. The latter seems like a thing of the past. With hundreds of marketing messages that we signed up for once, we choose to ignore the pile of such similar messages. However, this doesn’t mean you don’t check your inbox at all.

We don’t ignore all the messages, at least not from our personal contacts. The ones ignored and forgotten can be pharmacy alerts, promos, mobile service, etc. With such experiences, one might consider SMS marketing not effective anymore. But what we need to remember is that it’s 2021 and people are more glued to their phones than ever before.

The fact mentioned above doesn’t change our treatment of promotional messages. But there are many other kinds of text messages too. The core point here is that people always keep their phones handy to get updates. This can be from anywhere – social media, news agencies, brands they signed up to. 

If you are still wondering who will check a message in the times of Email, then here’s an important statistic:

Open rates for texts are extremely higher than emails. It is 98% in comparison to a mere 20% for the latter. 

One important thing to remember here is that mobile advertising works but only if your message reaches the consumer’s inbox. Additionally, your advertisement should be mobile-optimised. This will allow your message to distinguish itself from the thousands of ignored messages and get a positive return on investment.

Almost every online marketer considers SMS marketing old and ineffective because they think it’s more regulated than email marketing. But this is a myth. Some well-planned targeted tactics and strategies can help you bring conversions, clients, and consequently revenue. However, there are many more reasons to invest in SMS marketing. Some of them are discussed in the next section.

Why should you invest in SMS marketing?

Texting provides the best engagement rate from all the marketing mediums

Emails can be left unchecked for days, at times even weeks. Phone calls can go unanswered. But text messages are almost read immediately. This was proved by the open rates mentioned previously. The average Click-through rate for PPC ads is terrible at 2%.

All this points out SMS marketing is underrated. But the issue that arises here is that it’s unethical and illegal to send unsolicited messages through this type of marketing. One needs to write an opt-in which allows customers to choose what they want ahead.

Customers can easily choose to opt-in or using their mobile phones. However, there are technologies that allow customers to opt-in seamlessly to a company’s messaging subscriber list. So, this can be easily used to reach customers.

Text Messages mean Immediate Delivery

The thing about any technique based on mobile marketing is that it is based on speed. Just consider SMS marketing. It’s so fast that once you press the “send” button, your message goes out instantly.

This means if you decide to set up a campaign, then you can have hundreds of clicks within a few minutes.

Interactive content can drive returns

The benefit of using mobile marketing is that it makes feedback possible. Recipients of the message can simply tap on the link or the ‘reply’ button.

This way your quick and simple messages can direct your subscribers to your website. However, the key here is to be creative and attract the customers

SMS marketing allows you to add a personal touch 

Another benefit of sending a text message is that it is an informal medium of communication. Consequently, it offers you the great opportunity of personalizing the message.

Many brands prefer friendly and personal terms like “friends”, “I” and “you” to create a good relationship to benefit their business. There are many opportunities to experiment with SMS. From personalized messages to directing users to fun games, these interactive ways can help to track every step of the conversion process.

Text Marketing is trackable

There are numerous texting platforms that allow us to manage text marketing campaigns from even a desktop. Such a platform will allow access to comprehensive analytics to track each step in the conversion process – from the delivery to the opening.

How to build an effective SMS Marketing Strategy?

To reap the benefits of SMS marketing, it’s important to update your SMS marketing strategy with the following:

Know your goals and your audience

Why is SMS Marketing not a thing of the past?
Image Source: Voicesage

Even if people quickly sign up for your messages, they have the option to opt out. This makes it important to be aware of your goals and what your audience is looking for. An approach like this will help you reach your objective and customers will receive the content they want to see. Additionally. it will also help you avoid sending meaningless texts that get ignored.

Be consistent and meet their expectations

While operating a text marketing campaign, it’s important to remember that subscribers trust you with their contact information. This demands you to be transparent about what you will send and how often will you text them. So, stay consistent with what they’re expecting.

Use Coupons or Special Deals

Designs campaigns offering exclusive deals or coupons. Generating unique coupon codes will not allow non-subscribers to take advantage of your deal. Instead, they will have to subscribe to avail the benefit of the deal. Consequently, it will fulfil your purpose.

Use Polls

Another interactive method to obtain meaningful data from your customers is to conduct polls. People can cast their votes. With the information gathered with time, one can get feedback to improve their functioning too.

Summing Up

It’s a truth that our inboxes are full of text messages. This is the kind of behaviour one has to restrain from if they want to leverage the advantage of SMS Marketing. The key to run a successful SMS campaign is to do less and get more. Start by asking significant questions regarding the use and frequency of your messages.

There are many useful marketing techniques beyond messaging. To employ these strategies, contact Shaktiki today.







How to grow your Email list?

Emails have become one of the best ways of communication in the 21st century. They are the official communication channel. Its twin benefits of massive reach and high return on investment make it such an immensely popular medium. This is why email marketing is not dead. But what about your email list?

What is an email list?

An email list refers to a collection of email addresses with a business. This list is generated as customers submit their emails to receive updates or some content from your company.

These are also known as ‘subscriber lists’. The thing to note about such lists is that they get smaller as people unsubscribe. Additionally, they grow as you continue to collect more addresses through the process of lead generation. 

However, it’s important to remember that your contact database for email marketing keeps shrinking. How?

This can be due to multiple reasons beyond people choosing to opt out of your email subscription. They might abandon an address they used only to fill out your forms. Otherwise, their address might change as they move from one company to another.

In this case, it becomes a marketer’s responsibility to add new contacts and ensure the growth of the list.

What are the ways to grow your email list?

Purchasing emails is not the way to generate effective results for your company. Instead employing some strategies can be a better way to organically grow your audience. We have listed many such methods below:

Make sure you offer unique and fresh content

The one guaranteed way that will help you grow and retain subscribers is good content. Make your emails informative, engaging, entertaining, and valuable. Consequently, recipients will enjoy it and always look forward to it. Chances are they might forward it to others which can give you more exposure and a longer list.

Promote your subscribers to share your emails

The best way to promote your subscribers to share your email is to include social sharing buttons. For marketing emails, it can have an  “Email to a Friend” button. This will make it easier for them to share. On the other hand, it can give you more recipients.

Additionally, include a “Subscribe” Call-to-Action (CTA) as a simple link at the bottom of your page to let people opt-in.

Add links across your site for sign-ups

Adding more subscribers to your mail list can be possible if you create Call-to-Action (CTAs) linked to offers on your website to capture email sign-ups. You can add this link at the homepage, ‘Contact Us’ page, or the ‘About Us’ page.

Ask visitors for some feedback

Everyone enjoys giving feedback as it puts the focus on them. Using this to your advantage, ask visitors on your website to fill a form. It can include what questions they have about your business. Most importantly, this form will help you collect addresses easily for the reason of following up with them.

Keep your forms short

Forms are a simple and direct way to gain valuable information from your customers, as mentioned in the method above. However, it’s important to not try to gain too much information at once.

Adding too many fields to your landing pages and lead-capturing forms can also drive people away. So, just keep a few fields for the beginning. More information can be collected at later stages. Keep your first goal – the need to retain them.

Offer attractive resources

Everybody loves free resources. This resource can be a free ebook hosted on a landing page that can ask visitors to provide their email for downloading the same. It can also be many online tools that provide solutions to customers. For this, you can ask to sign-up first.

How to grow your Email list?
Image Source: WP Beginner

Besides this, you can offer bonus content or free content. You can provide blog posts that can offer advice, tips, or provide solutions. Consequently, it can lure customers to submit their email addresses.

Add customer reviews on the sign-up landing page

Customer reviews serve as social proof for everyone. They speak volumes about the company and its services or products. Adding these reviews on the sign-up landing page can be an excellent strategy to leverage benefits from your past work. Reviews can add immense value and push people to sign-up and submit their contact details.

Use blogging to get subscribers

Having a blog provides a vast range of benefits. Besides increasing your ranking on search engines, one can generate blog subscribers to start email campaigns later.

Another way to use blogging to get subscribers is through guest posting. Websites that cater to similar but larger audiences should be approached. Make sure that you add a Call-to-Action (CTA) that allows readers to subscribe to your site’s blog or email newsletter. In this way, guest blogging can provide you with more email addresses through exposure.

Host online webinars

Webinars have become a trend lately. They are incredibly beneficial because they provide an opportunity to talk about your industry and access a large audience. Additionally, webinars are registered via email. So, you have their emails to add to your list.

Insert a Call-to-Action (CTA) button at the top of your Facebook Page or your Instagram bio

Building your email list can be easy once you know the destination. In Facebook’s case, a CTA button on your Facebook page can take your users to resources that require signing up or just the sign-up landing page.

How to grow your Email list?
Image Source: WP Beginner

For Instagram, your bio can be a good place to share information. Add a CTA button for the same purpose. Moreover, this also saves your customers time. Rather than searching your website,  this will directly take them to your site.

Post snippets of your email newsletter

You can add snippets of your email newsletter on LinkedIn. Then let users know that can access the entire edition after signing up.

Summing Up

Email Marketing has a great record of helping businesses to grow and prosper. To keep this growth, grow your list with the methods mentioned above.

There are methods to grow beyond this too. Contact Shaktiki for marketing solutions today.