What makes Personal Branding so important?

A few years ago, only famous celebrities had personal brands. Athletes, actors, musicians, TV personalities, industrialists received all the attention. However, the situation is not the same anymore.

People are now willing to put effort and invest their time can become “thought leaders” in a field. Today ordinary people are using personal branding tools increasingly. This includes social media. The main purpose behind using these tools is to attract people to their social media and websites.

Today personal branding is not just limited to business. It has become crucial for a business coach, influencers, or anyone willing to share their story with the world. The list is endless. In simple words, anyone interested in making an impact in the world should create a brand strategy. To make it easier, first, let’s answer some basic questions.

What is Personal Branding?

 It refers to the practice of marketing people and different aspects of their lives like their careers as brands. This is a continuous process of developing and maintaining an impression of an individual, group, or organization. In the case of personal branding, success is defined as a form of self-packaging.

A personal brand becomes how you promote yourself. It includes the personality, skills, and experience you want to show your followers. Hence, personal branding is how you present your story and the impression people gain from the same.

Why is creating a Personal Brand so important?

 People ideal for you start to find you

Once you start sharing your story and snippets of your personality with people on social media, you will find them actively engaging with your content. It does not stay limited to following but also includes sharing your content. The more personal element and personality you add, the easier it will become for you to find your people. This is because have a personal touch makes things relatable and closer to life.

 Over a period of time, one will be able to build a community of people who value you and identify you as an expert in your industry. However, the reaction can be both positive or negative.

Moreover, the chief reason to create a personal brand is to have a group of people who are willing to do things on your wish. Having this group of ideal followers once can start making a profit and achieving their goals. From selling out event tickets to buying from your clothing line, your loyal group of followers will do everything you wish.

Building trust with people

Doing business online is not exactly easy but the key to easing this challenge is by winning trust. Some studies conducted recently show that 70-80% of people research a brand or an influencer before doing any business with them. This is bases on the simple fact that people want to know you before spending money or engage in business with you.

It is this simple reason that makes personal branding so important. This type of marketing allows building strong connections and relationships with people living in any corner of the world.

However, social media is a highly resourceful place. So, make sure that you show your authentic self. Everything one does can be found online, so put a consistent story everywhere. Additionally, consistency is a key factor in building trust with people.

How to start personal branding?

Personal branding can be made easy by following the tips mentioned below:

Make sure that your content has a purpose

Generally, marketers advise that the most effective way to attract more people and customers to your personal brand is to keep sharing new content. This content can be videos or blogs. They say that after some time you will grow into an influential brand and reach your goals.

However, we have seen this strategy fail a lot. Why?

This is one of the key complaints that businesses have- they spent a lot of time creating content that no one engaged with.  Creating new content is undoubtedly necessary but it should not be to just complete the task. The main aim should be to increase engagement.

Having a content strategy and budget in place to create and promote content is important. In addition to this, one thing that most businesses miss is the purpose. Your content should have a purpose. This means every piece of content you create should be created within a budget and with a specific goal in mind.

Along with this, you should also spend time getting your content in front of the right people at the right time.

Be extremely consistent 

Building a personal brand demands consistency. From your message to your platforms, everything should be consistent. Your social media channels should also be visually appealing. They should reflect the influential person you wish to be presented as.

Once you choose a niche, stick to it and stay consistent. A good piece of advice here is to avoid confusing your followers by posting a lot about a wide range of topics. A prove for the same is every successful influencer as they stay disciplined and strive to be consistent.

Find what makes you unique

To stand out from your competitors, find out what makes your brand special. In simpler words, find your USP or Unique Selling Proposition.

One of the best examples of this is Coca-Cola. It was the first known business to include personal branding in its marketing strategy. They focused on creating a brand personality and employed emotional advertising.

What makes personal branding important?
Image Source: Business2community

The company created its brand around important values like joy, community, happiness, and experience. They realized how telling a product will not be profitable. Instead,  selling an experience worked was something that worked well. In the end, these values helped in differentiating Coca-Cola from its numerous competitors.

Summing up

To sum up, what we have discussed so far, personal branding is not just a profitable way of marketing but at times important too.

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