What are the benefits of having a podcast?

The rapidly developing technology has been a blessing in many ways. There has been a continuous growth of platforms, channels, applications making our lives easier or better.  One of these is podcasts.

Since its advent in 2005, podcasts have become increasingly popular. But for the most part, they have made long commute bearable. Additionally, it has also reduced the feeling of isolation for many during Covid-19. Listening to someone talking can be a great way of gaining your calm.

Podcasts have also proved to be a great friend when one gets bored. No wonder there are more than 850,000 active podcasts with over 30 million episodes produced. Advertising on podcasts has also proved favourable. Statistics point out 54% of podcast listeners are more likely to consider buying from a brand after they have heard its advertisement on some podcast (eMarketer).

Considering the versatility of this form of media and its ability to attract and maintain an audience, it has become a favourite. Even entrepreneurs, business owners, and marketers have started creating podcasts and capitalizing on their popularity.

A recent survey conducted in 2019 found that 51% of consumers above the age of 12 in the US listen to podcasts (Statista). This is a great increase from 44% in 2018.

Moreover, there are many reasons to start a podcast for your business.

Why your business should use podcasting?

Establish yourself as an industry expert

A podcaster provides opinions, knowledge, tips about a specific niche. This positions them as an authority in that particular topic or field. So starting a podcast will allow you to establish yourself as an industry expert.

Your business will become a great model for the industry. Additionally, it will help you to influence customers and clients to buy your products and services. Besides this, it will portray your business in a positive light.

Improved traffic generation

Podcasts can help one reach new audiences that are extremely beneficial for a business. This becomes possible as listeners subscribe to the series and listen to podcasts regularly. Your audience keeps listening as long as your podcast continues. Over a period of time, this builds familiarity with a vast audience.

This also means that your audience will recommend your podcast to others. Consequently, your reach will increase. Moreover, it will increase traffic generation in a short span of time.

A podcast is a great alternative to video

It is a known fact that video marketing is a great marketing tactic in the market today. However, creating videos has its own set of challenges.

In this case, a podcast becomes a great alternative to video. Some small businesses might not even have the right equipment to shoot videos too. As it involves a lot of equipment, lighting, sound, background, etc. This is how podcasts become a better option.

Highly engaging format

The age of the internet is also the age of information overload. The web is filled with written content. It is in this situation, audio format attempts to engage customers and breaks the monotonous cycle. The speaker can also convey the message in a highly interactive way that written content doesn’t.

According to a survey conducted by Internal Midroll, 63% of 300,000 listeners bought what the host promoted. This reveals the engaging and influential nature of podcasts.

Builds effective relationships with the audience

Podcasts are undoubtedly a one-sided medium. But they help in building better relationships with listeners. This is because listening to a podcast gives the feeling that one knows the person speaking on the podcast. Listening to a podcast over a period of time creates a feeling of familiarity. It makes listeners feel that they have something in common with the speaker and their brand.

The kind of relationship mentioned above helps in building trust. It creates and encourages an association with the brand. Consequently, it improves conversion as people are more interested in buying from someone known.

Easy to create and inexpensive

Podcasts can be created easily by following a few steps. It doesn’t require a lot of equipment. A good quality microphone and headphones are good for this purpose. The editing software is available for free and easy to use. A good WiFi connection is important for uploading files.

Why is having a podcast beneficial for your business?
Image Source: Podcast Gang

After creating the podcast, one can easily promote it to reach a larger audience. For this, it can be made available on different distribution channels. All of these steps can be carried out easily without any major financial investment.

How to promote your podcast?

Ensure good content to make promotion easier

The major hack to a successful podcast is to ensure engaging and attractive content that will interest your listeners. Tell stories and make each episode memorable. This will prompt listeners to share and spread the word about your podcast.

Besides this, refer to old episodes to promote your work in a subtle way.

Encourage your listeners to subscribe, share and leave good reviews

It is extremely important that you ask your listeners to subscribe, share and review your podcast at the beginning and end of each episode. Instead of being pushy, be honest and explain the importance of this calls-to-action to your audience. Tell them how you will be able to produce better content with their support.

Network with your community

Joining a community of podcasters can help you stay informed. It will provide you with the necessary and discuss new ways of promoting your business. A community can become your best resource if you commit yourself to it. These communities can be Podcast Hackers, Podcasting Technology Resource Group, The New York Times Podcast Club, Podcasting (Meetup), etc. 

Invite guests and be someone’s guest

Having interesting guests on your show help in producing more engaging episodes and adds a fresh point of view for listeners. Whereas being a guest on someone’s show can introduce your work to a completely new audience. Consequently, it can help gain more subscribers.

Summing Up

Podcasts can provide a vast range of benefits and are a great addition to your marketing mix. To include other such beneficial tactics in your marketing strategy, contact Shaktiki today.