How to grow your Email list?

Emails have become one of the best ways of communication in the 21st century. They are the official communication channel. Its twin benefits of massive reach and high return on investment make it such an immensely popular medium. This is why email marketing is not dead. But what about your email list?

What is an email list?

An email list refers to a collection of email addresses with a business. This list is generated as customers submit their emails to receive updates or some content from your company.

These are also known as ‘subscriber lists’. The thing to note about such lists is that they get smaller as people unsubscribe. Additionally, they grow as you continue to collect more addresses through the process of lead generation. 

However, it’s important to remember that your contact database for email marketing keeps shrinking. How?

This can be due to multiple reasons beyond people choosing to opt out of your email subscription. They might abandon an address they used only to fill out your forms. Otherwise, their address might change as they move from one company to another.

In this case, it becomes a marketer’s responsibility to add new contacts and ensure the growth of the list.

What are the ways to grow your email list?

Purchasing emails is not the way to generate effective results for your company. Instead employing some strategies can be a better way to organically grow your audience. We have listed many such methods below:

Make sure you offer unique and fresh content

The one guaranteed way that will help you grow and retain subscribers is good content. Make your emails informative, engaging, entertaining, and valuable. Consequently, recipients will enjoy it and always look forward to it. Chances are they might forward it to others which can give you more exposure and a longer list.

Promote your subscribers to share your emails

The best way to promote your subscribers to share your email is to include social sharing buttons. For marketing emails, it can have an  “Email to a Friend” button. This will make it easier for them to share. On the other hand, it can give you more recipients.

Additionally, include a “Subscribe” Call-to-Action (CTA) as a simple link at the bottom of your page to let people opt-in.

Add links across your site for sign-ups

Adding more subscribers to your mail list can be possible if you create Call-to-Action (CTAs) linked to offers on your website to capture email sign-ups. You can add this link at the homepage, ‘Contact Us’ page, or the ‘About Us’ page.

Ask visitors for some feedback

Everyone enjoys giving feedback as it puts the focus on them. Using this to your advantage, ask visitors on your website to fill a form. It can include what questions they have about your business. Most importantly, this form will help you collect addresses easily for the reason of following up with them.

Keep your forms short

Forms are a simple and direct way to gain valuable information from your customers, as mentioned in the method above. However, it’s important to not try to gain too much information at once.

Adding too many fields to your landing pages and lead-capturing forms can also drive people away. So, just keep a few fields for the beginning. More information can be collected at later stages. Keep your first goal – the need to retain them.

Offer attractive resources

Everybody loves free resources. This resource can be a free ebook hosted on a landing page that can ask visitors to provide their email for downloading the same. It can also be many online tools that provide solutions to customers. For this, you can ask to sign-up first.

How to grow your Email list?
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Besides this, you can offer bonus content or free content. You can provide blog posts that can offer advice, tips, or provide solutions. Consequently, it can lure customers to submit their email addresses.

Add customer reviews on the sign-up landing page

Customer reviews serve as social proof for everyone. They speak volumes about the company and its services or products. Adding these reviews on the sign-up landing page can be an excellent strategy to leverage benefits from your past work. Reviews can add immense value and push people to sign-up and submit their contact details.

Use blogging to get subscribers

Having a blog provides a vast range of benefits. Besides increasing your ranking on search engines, one can generate blog subscribers to start email campaigns later.

Another way to use blogging to get subscribers is through guest posting. Websites that cater to similar but larger audiences should be approached. Make sure that you add a Call-to-Action (CTA) that allows readers to subscribe to your site’s blog or email newsletter. In this way, guest blogging can provide you with more email addresses through exposure.

Host online webinars

Webinars have become a trend lately. They are incredibly beneficial because they provide an opportunity to talk about your industry and access a large audience. Additionally, webinars are registered via email. So, you have their emails to add to your list.

Insert a Call-to-Action (CTA) button at the top of your Facebook Page or your Instagram bio

Building your email list can be easy once you know the destination. In Facebook’s case, a CTA button on your Facebook page can take your users to resources that require signing up or just the sign-up landing page.

How to grow your Email list?
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For Instagram, your bio can be a good place to share information. Add a CTA button for the same purpose. Moreover, this also saves your customers time. Rather than searching your website,  this will directly take them to your site.

Post snippets of your email newsletter

You can add snippets of your email newsletter on LinkedIn. Then let users know that can access the entire edition after signing up.

Summing Up

Email Marketing has a great record of helping businesses to grow and prosper. To keep this growth, grow your list with the methods mentioned above.

There are methods to grow beyond this too. Contact Shaktiki for marketing solutions today.