Is Twitter Marketing a promising strategy?

Twitter was launched in 2006 as an online message board that was updated via text message. Today it has grown to be one of the largest social networks with 353 million users producing 500 million tweets every day.

The platform has become a place to quickly obtain news whether local or international. Twitter has emerged as a powerful search engine and social networking tool that can even provide updates from businesses to any event or organisation.

Twitter has not been the most favourite platform of marketers. However, it is this untapped potential that you can use to your benefit.

From engaging users and followers to boosting conversions and increasing brand awareness, Twitter allows numerous benefits. To avail of the benefits of a platform like this, it’s important to have a special strategy for it.

What is a Twitter marketing strategy?

A Twitter marketing strategy refers to a plan that is focused on creating, publishing, and then distributing content for your audience, followers, buyer personas on Twitter. The aim of this type of strategy is to increase brand recognition, attract more followers and leads, boost conversions and consequently increase sales.

Forming a Twitter marketing strategy requires you to follow the same steps as every other social media marketing strategy:

  1. Research extensively about your audience and buyer personas
  2. Create engaging and attractive content
  3. Schedule your posts according to the high traffic hours
  4. Analyse the results and impact generated from the aforementioned efforts

However, if you still have doubts about using this platform then refer to the next section.

Why should you use Twitter Marketing for your business?

You can get viral!

Twitter is known for spreading tweets like wildfire. There are so many tweets that get viral and even become trending news. An active user of the platform is well aware of how multiple tweets get viral every day, even if they are not from a known personality. They are funny, newsworthy, or simply relatable. These tweets don’t even have to be of someone with a significant amount of followers.

This means brands can go viral with a tweet that can result in an increase in reach, traffic, and conversions.

Twitter allows you to have a unique brand voice

Twitter as a platform allows brands to develop their own voice as well as a public personality. One can develop this according to the industry they belong to, it can be authoritative or even humorous.

Twitter Marketing
Image Source: Twitter

For example, fast food companies have become popular with their branding strategies on Twitter. A forgotten brand like MoonPie has been able to regain some of its forgotten popularity because of Twitter. The brand gained followers by using self-deprecating humour in its tweets. This became their short, funny, and quick way to garner attention.

Posting a lot is expected

Posting frequently on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram is usually considered spamming. However, this is not true for Twitter.

Many research and studies have suggested that Twitter is the only social media network where marketers are recommended to post multiple times a day. This is because Twitter is still heavily chronological. Usually, tweets have a very short lifespan in the feed of posts. Hence, regular updates become to stay up to date.

This becomes a great opportunity for marketers to provide a great mix of content. Your content strategy can have a wide range of content-from entertaining to educational information. Text, Images, Videos, Live videos, and polls are the options provided by the platform. Consequently, they can be used to spark conversations and create buzz.

Your Twitter profile will drive traffic to your website

Social media profiles have proved to be a great place to link websites. This becomes especially true for Twitter which helps in developing a brand voice. Many pieces of research have shown that people who visit a Twitter profile also end up checking their website.

However, marketers should remember that the brand voice should be consistent. A funny Twitter account should not lead users to a website with serious language. This will leave users confused and disinterested.

Twitter Marketing becomes easy with follower insights

Twitter provides its users with native analytics. These are one of the best provided by all the social media platforms. The Audiences tab is extremely facilitating for marketers. It provides helpful information about the followers.

The audience is divided into four categories: Consumer Behavior, Demographics, Lifestyle, and Mobile Footprint. This data provides knowledge about your followers and their interests. Additionally, they provide insights into how these followers interact with brands. This data can be especially useful while launching a campaign.

In simpler words, Twitter analytics will help you develop your follower persona. Consequently, you can focus directly on users who match the kind of people already in your following.

How to start Twitter Marketing?

If you have decided to include Twitter in your marketing strategy, it’s important to note that using Twitter, in this case, will be different from your personal use. You can use Twitter for business by following the steps mentioned below:

Brand your profile

Customize your Twitter profile with your logo, URL of your website, bio, and other details. Customizing your profile becomes necessary to create a brand voice. However, remember to stay consistent across platforms.

Advertise on Twitter

Advertising on Twitter is a good way to make your tweets discoverable by a large number of people. Following this, your following and influence will increase. This can be done through Twitter Ads or promoted tweets.

Host a Twitter Chat

One can host a Twitter chat to engage followers and discuss things. This creates a sense of community. Further, you can ask your audience for their opinions on something you are working on currently.

Get verified

Twitter Marketing
Source: Twitter

According to Twitter, requests for account verification are accepted if you’re from certain fields. This includes brands, organisations, and companies. If the conditions of the platform allow you to get verified, then it can be beneficial. A verified account adds trust and legitimacy to your business.

Summing Up

Your business can benefit from the untapped potential of Twitter. However, if you looking for other marketing strategies, then we are here for you.

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