Why Video Marketing is the future?

The world of marketing constantly witnesses new trends. It’s rare to find a marketing technique that has been consistently proving more beneficial for businesses. However, one such type of marketing exists and it’s been on trend for the past few years now, it’s called Video Marketing.

What exactly is Video Marketing?

This refers to the marketing strategy which employs videos mostly for commercial purposes with any objectives as mentioned below:

  • Promoting your product or service
  • Educating or spreading awareness among your consumers
  • Grow engagement on online and/or social media platforms
  • Reach audience through a new medium

The idea of using videos for marketing has been in the market since around 2010. But it was not really accessible for all. Earlier, the cost of production was the major reason that prevented video marketing from becoming as popular as it is today. However, it has become the most interactive strategy today due to two chief developments.

The first being a reduction in the cost to create a video. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from this. With the advent of online tools and other technological improvements, one can make a studio-quality video in a short span of time and with less budget. Additionally, a digital world has also motivated people to learn these skills.

Secondly, the rise in social media has created a new demand for video-based content. This is because videos give more engagement on social media. Such a pattern raises more important questions.

Why should video marketing be every business’s priority?

The success of video in the digital marketing world is clearly illustrated with the following statistics:

  • YouTube has revealed the users of the platform consume more than 1 billion hours of video every day.
  • Research conducted by Google points out that 6 out of 10 people prefer watching online videos instead of television.

Such statistics point out how videos have emerged as a champion among various forms of content. The same becomes true when videos are utilised for commercial purposes:

  • According to Unbounce, having a video on your landing page can increase your conversion rate up to 80%.
  • On the other hand, Hubspot found out that 50% of consumers look for a video of a product or service before visiting a retail store.
  • Additionally, around 72% of customers prefer watching a video to know about a product or a service.

These figures point out one thing – Video Marketing is here to stay.

Social Media giants like Facebook, Instagram, etc. are invested in expanding the scope of the video format. From ‘reels’ to going ‘LIVE’ on the platform, new features keep releasing for this medium. Beyond this, platforms like Snapchat, Tik Tok, and YouTube have become extremely popular because they provide endless videos to consume.

Moreover, if you have decided to include video marketing in your strategy, then another important decision to make is the type of video you want to make.

Types of Marketing Videos

Live Videos

Live Videos have emerged as the most exciting and interactive type of video. They give a special view with behind-the-scenes of what happens in the organisation. This gives a more real and closer view of businesses. Hence, longer streams and higher engagement rates.

Additionally, live videos also allow viewers to comment or ask questions which make customers feel more connected to the brand.

Event Videos

An organisation hosts multiple events around the year. It can be a conference, fundraiser, charity event, etc. Making a highlight of these events can improve the image of the company, especially if the event is about a social cause.

Brand Videos

This refers to the videos created with the aim of building awareness about the company. Consequently, it should attract the intended audience. They are created to present the company’s vision, mission along with the products or services.

Demo Videos

Demo Videos are the most helpful videos for a customer. The basic idea behind them is to show how your product works. It can demonstrate how to actually use the product or how to set it up in order to put it into use.

 How-To Videos

These are instructional videos that teach your viewers about your business. They can help them understand your products or services better. In addition to this, your service or sales teams can also use it while dealing with customers.


Expert Interviews

If someone is following you on social media, then it means they are genuinely interested in your product/service. In this case, an interview with an industry expert can improve your image. It will allow your audience to build trust. However, the video should provide great insights into the topic and major takeaways to the audience.

Case Study and Customer Testimonial Videos

A customer believes a fellow customer. This is why we check reviews more than the advertisement. Customers are always interested to know how your product/service can solve their problems. This is where Case Studies and Testimonial videos prove helpful.

Videos that show satisfied customers can be a game-changing marketing tactic for any company.


Animated Videos

Animated Videos are extremely attractive. They can explain the difficult concepts with appealing visuals. So use this to simplify anything that seems difficult to explain to your viewers.

360° Videos

As the name suggests, such videos allow users a view from every angle. It gives the illusion of being physically present in a place. This improves their experience of an event or location.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Virtual reality permits viewers to navigate and control their experiences. However, it requires devices like Oculus Rift or Google Cardboard to view.  Whereas Augmented Reality adds a layer to what is actually happening in the world. Like how the IKEA Place app allows one to see how their products look in their space.

Summing Up

Videos have undoubtedly emerged as the most trending content in the current times. This makes it imperative for every business to use the format. In-build features like Instagram reels should also be used to provide maximum growth.

Beyond this, marketing has become a staple today. So we at Shaktiki provide you with the best marketing solutions to foster growth in your businesses.

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